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Stereo speakers: Floorstanding or bookshelf

The huge range of home electronics available today can make it very difficult to decide what’s right for you. But no matter what differences there are in personal taste or the space one has available, a classic stereo option like floorstanding speakers or bookshelf speakers are always a good choice. At Teufel, we offer a variety of models in various styles at different price points.

For excellent stereo sound, two things are important: getting the right speakers and setting them up properly. Ideally, speakers should be arranged so as to form a triangle between the two speakers and the listener. This will minimize group delay and reduce phase shifting. If the room setup doesn’t allow an ideal placement, compromises have to be made. In such cases, smaller speakers are often ideal. Bookshelf speakers, for example, can be easily integrated into just about any interior because they take up very little space, yet a good pair will still create an authentic stereo panorama. Many PC loudspeakers need to fill these same requirements: Take up very little space and yet create an authentic stereo soundstage with distinctly localizable instruments.

Stereo loudspeakers: What are the differences?

Teufel offers the following distinct types of stereo loudspeakers:

  • Floorstanding speakers with integrated active subwoofers
  • Passive floorstanding speakers
  • PC loudspeaker sets with THX certification
  • 2.1 PC speakers
  • 2.1 all-in-one sets
  • Stereo bookshelf speakers

Whether you’re a fan of full-fledged floorstanding loudspeakers or small mini satellites, Teufel offers a big selection of stereo products that enhance your home visually as well as acoustically. The product portfolio includes complete stereo sets with different performance levels so that you can choose the one just right for you.

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