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Definion 3

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Why we love this product
Using the same audio technology pioneered by Teufel’s premier high-end model, the Definion 5, the Definion 3 offers superior sound at an affordable price.
Key advantages at a glance
  • High-end stereo speaker with exceptionally precise playback & excellent bass performance
  • 3 long-throw drivers with carbon fibre membranes deliver superior impulse fidelity & dynamics
  • Patented Synchronized Coaxial Acoustics for excellent dispersion and imaging accuracy
  • Works with any standard amplifier or A/V receiver with 40 watts per channel
  • A large total surface allows the woofers to create a rich, deep bass
  • Comes with 8 premium spikes, a 15 m speaker cable and banana plugs
  • Features an elegantly lacquered enclosures in anthracite or white
Definion 3 review of www.likehifi.de
„Liebhaber von Klavier und akustischen Gitarren werden hier gleichermaßen positiv überrascht sein, wie Fans harter Gitarrenriffs“
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One-of-a-kind: Patented Sychronized Coaxial Acoustics

Over two years of intense development went into the special flat membrane coax drivers used in the Definion 3. The result was Teufel's patented SCA (Sychronized Coaxial Acoustics) technology that operates as a near-perfect point sound source for reduced differences in propagation times between the mid and upper frequencies.

SCA technology fuses the tweeter and midrange driver into a single component ensuring that all frequencies reach the listener’s ear at the same time for playback so realistic, it resembles a live concert.

The use of flat membranes make it possible to position the tweeter in the centre of the midrange driver without disrupting its ability to radiate sound. There is another key advantage to using a coaxial driver unit: The sound waves begin their journey from the exact same starting point. This means that, unlike conventional drivers, disruptive interference and differences in propagation times are avoided. The result is highly precise, true-to-source playback with excellent detail fidelity.

The SCA driver was first employed in the largest model in the Definion series, the Definion 5, and has received many prizes and commendations for its sound quality.

High performance components: The triple bass principle with wok woofer

In order to match the agility of the SCA driver, the Definion 3 was equipped with specially developed bass drivers made from carbon-fibre reinforced synthetics. Instead of a single large bass driver, the Definion 3 makes use of three wok woofers with a diameter of 16.5 cm each. The absence of a centrally placed dust cap on the wok woofers gives them their perfectly concave shape. It also makes the woofers lighter and allows them to move with more precision for greater impulse fidelity. This construction gives the Definion 3 a unique combination of a slender, sleek cabinet and extremely deep and punchy bass.

Linear, neutral and balanced playback

An additional advantage to the use of carbon membrane woofers is that they were designed for an unbelievably broad frequency range. In this way, sound in the lower range perfectly segues to the midrange as the well-configured crossover transitions playback to the Definion's SCA drivers.

This harmonious process results in an extremely linear frequency response for even sound reproduction across all registers with a special emphasis on powerful bass performance for playing back electronic music with the requisite fun factor.

Designed for the ears as well as the eyes

The use of three smaller woofers made it possible to endow the Definion 3 with a slender form. No longer do high-end loudspeaker need to declare their presence with cumbersome enclosures and ostentatious designs. Today's high-end loudspeakers are defined by their sound. The Definion 3’s sleek design makes it easy to position the speakers in most rooms, and yet the elegantly contrasting anthracite and white lacquered wooden cabinets accented with metal elements make these speakers design elements in their own right.

The shape of the sturdy and well-reinforced cabinet tapers towards the back. This not only results in a very graceful form - it also reduces resonances and reflections within the cabinet.

Each 25 kg wooden bass reflex enclosure rests on a sturdy metal base. It’s even possible to raise the base and decouple it from the floor with four separately available spikes.

Can be expanded with a Definion surround set

A surround sound extension set for the Definion 3 is planned for late 2015. The set will comprise a centre speaker, subwoofer and rear channel speakers for the thrilling and immersive reproduction of film soundtracks to compliment the Definion 3’s excellent stereo sound.

The Definion 3’s smooth and even impedance and 86 dB efficiency rating make it an uncomplicated partner for a variety of stereo amplifiers. Still, the better the amplifier, the better the Definion 3’s performance will be. The top of our line, this is a speaker that rises to every challenge.

8 week at-home trial

Aside from the Teufel Raumfeld Flagshipstore in Berlin, Teufel exclusively offers its loudspeakers for sale online. One reason for this is that it allows us to offer the best audio at the lowest prices. The other reason is the conviction that the only way to decide if a speaker is truly right for you is to listen to it within the four walls of your own home. We give everyone the opportunity to do this for up to 8 weeks without obligation followed by a 12 year guarantee should they decide to keep the system.

For a limited time only: A high-end cable set (15 m, 4 mm²), 8 spikes and banana plugs included with delivery.

Included components

  • Floor Speaker DEF 3 F
  • 30m Speaker Cable 2.5mm² - C2530S
  • Banana Plug - C8502P (pair)
  • Satellite Spike
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Technical Data

Floor Speaker DEF 3 F
Floor Speaker DEF 3 F
High-end stereo loudspeaker with extraordinarily precise playback and strong bass performance. The Definion 3 offers the same advanced audio technology as Teufel’s premier high-end model, the Definion 5, at a markedly lower price.
Floor Speaker DEF 3 F
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 140 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 200 Watt
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 86 dB
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 50 Watt
Maximum sound pressure level 105 dB/1m
Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 48 - 22000 Hz
Crossover frequency internal switch 400 / 3600 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric dome tweeter, coated
Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Midrange driver (diameter) 105.00 mm
Midrange driver (material) Hexacone/Kevlar sandwich membrane
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 160.00 mm
Woofer (number per enclosure) 3
Woofer (diameter) 160.00 mm
Woofer (material) Aluminium/paper fibre sandwich membrane
Acoustic principle Electrodynamic
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Varnish
Equalisation openings 2
Equalisation openings (pos.) Bottom
Net internal volume 37 Litres
Spikes prepared Yes
Terminal clamps Pole terminals
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 6.00 mm
Suitable for AV receiver Yes
Depth 38.60 cm
Width 20.00 cm
Height 118.00 cm
Weight 24.30 kg
Miscellaneous Depth including pole terminals: 43 cm


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Definion 3
Definion 3
€ 1,799.99€ 1,649.99
€ 1,649.99
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Definion 3 review of www.likehifi.de
„Liebhaber von Klavier und akustischen Gitarren werden hier gleichermaßen positiv überrascht sein, wie Fans harter Gitarrenriffs“
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Definion 3 review of www.hifitest.de
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Definion 3 review of AUDIO Magazin
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Definion 3 review of www.i-fidelity.net
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