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Definion 5

Redefining high-end stereo
High-end loudspeaker with exceptionally precise playback
Teufel Stereo L
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Why we love this product
We did it. We somehow managed to unify two disparate qualities in one loudspeaker: A slender, elegant design with unbelievable hi-fi performance. The Definion 5 redefines precision, dynamics and lively musical playback.
Key advantages at a glance
  • High-end loudspeaker with exceptionally precise playback
  • Patented coaxial drivers for phenomenal dispersion and precision
  • Triple bass system for unmatchable dynamics, impulse response and rich, punchy sound
  • Elaborately reinforced, trapezoidal cabinet reduces resonances and reflections
  • The understated, graceful design harmonizes with any interior
What others are saying about us
(4.63 of 5 from 8 Reviews)
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Redefining high-end hifi

No detail, no matter how small, was overlooked in the conception and construction of the Definion 5. The end result is an uncompromising high-end loudspeaker that delivers musical nuances free from distortion with an imposing and powerful sound.

Patented SCA (Synchronized Coaxial Acoustics) Technology offers the best conditions for the realisation of point source sound. After 2.5 years of intense development, an audio quality was achieved that sets new standards for dimensionality, fine tuning and precision. Individual instruments retain their natural clarity, allowing even inexperienced listeners to easily recognize tonal differences in high and midrange frequencies as compared to traditional loudspeakers.

Triple bass concept

Precision was the guiding principle of this product’s development. All drivers are designed for an amazingly broad range, and the bass drivers achieve astonishingly low cut-off frequencies, allowing you to experience a punchy, clear bass. At the same time, the tweeter’s light membrane can handle peaks without distortion. The Definion 5 is quite simply the slimmest loudspeaker in its class with the strongest bass.

Are sealed enclosures critical to really good bass sound? Many experts would say they are, and we at Teufel are the experts. With the construction of a highly specialized subwoofer chassis on the Definion 5, we’ve taken sealed box design to a whole new level. The advantages of this classic system are well-known: exemplary precision with regard to transient response and the best possible response at high levels with very little distortion, neither of which would be possible with any other type of loudspeaker enclosure. Feel the bass as you would with an additional subwoofer, only clearer and in a sleeker design.

Hi-End-Lautsprecher Definion 5 2
Hi-End-Lautsprecher Definion 5 Weiss 3
Modern look & feel

The cabinet cleverly combines a sleek design with acoustic functionality. The exceptionall well-braced trapezoidal shape reduces room resonances and reflections. In addition, an innovative floating baffle prevents the transference of cabinet reflections to the listening position. The curvature of the baffle forms a waveguide for higher frequencies that have a tendency to concentrate more in a vertical direction. This results in a precise and detailed sound within a very wide listening range.

Hi-End-Lautsprecher Definion 5 Weiss 3
Linear frequency and phase

Unlike a conventional chassis, the coaxial principle with a flat membrane produces a wide sound dispersion without a mechanically induced time delay. The crossover was constructed in such a way as to bring this advantage to the fore. An especially broad dispersion angle combined with time-optimised filters produces a very linear frequency and phase response allowing the Definion 5 to deliver an intense listening experience.

Sealed enclosures
With the construction of a highly specialised subwoofer chassis on the Definion 5, we’ve taken sealed box design to a whole new level. The advantages of this classic system are well-known: exemplary precision with regard to transient response and the best possible response at high levels with very little distortion, neither of which would be possible with any other type of loudspeaker enclosure. Feel the bass as you would with an additional subwoofer, only clearer and in a sleeker design.
Hi-End-Lautsprecher Definion 5
The age of having your living space filled up with large, obtrusive speakers is over. We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice your space for epic sound and that speakers should be effortlessly integrated into your living environment. The design of the Definion 5, with white and black elements as well as a decorative trim in a stainless steel finish, harmoniously blends into the living space - elegant, slender, unobtrusive.
Hi-End-Lautsprecher Definion 5 null 1

Included components

  • Floor Speaker DEF 5 F


Floor Speaker DEF 5 F
Floor Speaker DEF 5 F
A high-end loudspeaker with exceptionally precise sound reproduction and a patented coaxial chassis for outstanding dimensionality and fine tuning. The triple bass system renders excellent dynamism, impulse response and low bass frequencies.
Floor Speaker DEF 5 F
Acoustic principle 3-Way-System
Enclosure type Closed
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 250 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 350 Watt
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 85 dB
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 50 Watt
Maximum sound pressure level 104 dB/1m
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 42 - 22000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric dome tweeter, coated
Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Midrange driver (diameter) 105.00 mm
Midrange driver (material) Aluminium hexacone kevlar sandwich membrane
Woofer (number per enclosure) 3
Woofer (diameter) 130.00 mm
Woofer (material) Aluminium papier fiber sandwich membrane
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Varnish, satin finished
Net internal volume 45 Litres
Integrated stand Yes
Terminal clamps Gold-plated screw terminals
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Bi-Amping/Bi-Wiring Yes
Maximum cable diameter 6.00 mm
Suitable for AV receiver Yes
Depth 37.00 cm
Width 21.80 cm
Height 108.90 cm
Weight 30.75 kg

Expert reviews

Definion 5 review of sempre-audio
Definion 5 review of sempre-audio
"Pure enjoyment – guaranteed.”
sempre-audio 04/2014
"Precision yes, but without overdone analytics, a balanced sound image with a thoroughly controlled accent in the bass foundation along with powerful dynamics, […]  Pure enjoyment – guaranteed.”

"Teufel’s Definion 5 has a very well executed design that the manufacturer soberly describes as 'functional,‘ but which in fact radiates elegance and truly goes well with any interior.“

"Above all, the Teufel Definion 5 played everything in the direction of pop, rock, and electronic music in absolutely high form. During a test, one can very quickly start playing one album after another along these lines, all the while turning the volume regulator ever more to the right […] It’s then that they really grab hold of the listener and convey true listening pleasure and […] [cause] unbelievable masses of air to move. The mastery of the bass range that the manufacturer repeatedly ascribes to the Definion 5 is in no way an empty promise, but rather one that is kept. But  the midrange as well as the upper end of the frequency spectrum in no way falls short.”

"[A]ll those who are looking for a very multifaceted loudspeaker system capable of graciously overlooking the shortcomings of many recordings and which can even play these so that they are a joy to listen to, have come to the right place.”

You can read the entire test review (in German) here:
Definion 5 review of Hifi Vision
Definion 5 review of Hifi Vision
"In listening tests, the Definion displayed the advantages of its coaxial drivers: Voices and instruments were wonderfully expansive, highly precise, and thrillingly reproduced."
Hifi Vision 41/2013
 […] Definion 5 is the name of the Teufel’s latest hifi flagship model, and rightly so: the Berliners managed to redefine musical playback with their patented coaxial midrange driver/tweeter. […] Teufel’s developers perfected this technology, using  an extremely stable flat membrane with hexacone reinforcement for the frequency range between 350 Hz and 3.5 kHz with a linear movement and elasticated connection to the frame […]. In the centre of this construction is a 25 mm fabric dome tweeter for a near ideal point source in the frequency range from 350 Hz up to far beyond the limit of hearing. This is the perfect precondition for the positioning of voices and instruments on a soundstage as well as sound that is free from colouration and a precise fine dynamic.

Along with intriguing coaxial driver technology, Teufel’s latest entry will win you over with its timeless, elegant design. A superbly lacquered enclosure with a silky-matte polished look is elaborately braced and reduces […] resonances on the inside of the enclosure to a minimum. The use of damping material made from real virgin wool is acoustically optimal and increases the ‘virtual acoustic volume’ of the nearly 1 metre tall floor standing speakers by approximately 10% - overall efficiency and the lower frequencies benefit from this small detail […] The  […] chassis were also especially developed for the Definion 5, the drivers of which push physical parameters such as the low end frequency, handling capacity, maximal excursion, and levels of distortion to the outer limits.

Our laboratory tests showed the Definion 5 to evince barely measurable distortion above 500 Hertz, practically perfect omnidirectional sound and a very balanced frequency response. […]  In listening tests, the Definion displayed the advantages of its coaxial drivers: Voices and instruments were wonderfully expansive, highly precise and thrillingly reproduced […]

Teufel’s new Definion 5 is a wonderful combination of timeless elegance, excellent workmanship, and modern driver technology with a high degree of musicality. With the Definion 5, Teufel offers a durable and musical reference-class loudspeaker that is a delight for both the eyes and the ears for considerably less than € 3,000 a pair.

Definion 5 review of Fairaudio
Definion 5 review of Fairaudio
"Teufel’s Definion 5 [...] is an all-rounder with a fondness for precisely timed and rhythmically accurate music playback."
Fairaudio 09/2013
“No matter how long you inspect these 1.1 m high towers, you won’t find a bass reflex opening - not even on the bottom. Who decides to forgo on efficiency and depth on a 2,800 Euro floor standing speaker? Almost no one would do such a thing – except for Teufel’s developers of the Definion 5, citing not only the ‘ideal precision’ of a sealed enclosure design in regards to impulse handing, but also a markedly higher power handling capacity and low distortion at high levels compared to a bass reflex construction. In addition, the use of real virgin wool instead of the usual synthetic damping materials creates the effect of an enclosure that is 10% larger which [...] improves efficiency and depth. The low end is given as 42 Hz minus -3  dB.“

“Even the black baffle does more than simply look elegant. It guides the dispersion behaviour in the high ranges in the desired direction: that is, towards a more vertical channelling, thereby reducing floor and ceiling reflections. In addition, a floating baffle prevents enclosure resonances from being transferred to the listener.”

“Not only is the enclosure’s design, form, and construction amazing (the workmanship on Teufel’s Definion 5 is first class), the drivers are as well. By this I am referring to the three bass drivers included in each column, even if it’s not clear whether the Berliner’s unique design is to be praised primarily because of the light weight and stable paper aluminium sandwich membrane, the exuberant yet measured  linear excursion of +/- 8 mm, a generous and dimensional dynamic, or the devil (Sorry – I simply couldn’t resist.) knows what else.”

“Why? Well, for one thing there are the coaxial drivers that are still less common in this price class than separate drivers. Another is the flat membrane for the mid ranges.”

“What is Teufel’s Definion 5 capable of? One thing for sure: high volumes when needed. It can be loud without drifting into bright tones or covering everything with an uncontrolled bass blast. The sealed enclosure seems to have paid off: I put on the Pixies ‘Vamos’ (from the album ‘Come on Pilgrim’), plugged in the amplifier and then sat back to see what would happen… Hm, not bad, is all I can say.“

“If you’re looking for a lively, rather more powerful than anemic sounding loudspeaker with stable levels, and in particular one that is energy-packed, and if you appreciate a highly responsive bass – you’ve come to the right place. For its price class, Teufel’s Definion 5 has no real weaknesses. It’s an all-rounder with a fondness for precisely timed and rhythmically accurate music playback. That the Def 5 has superior workmanship, a 12 year guarantee, and can be tested in the quiet of your own home for up to 8 weeks are added benefits.”

Read the complete test review (in German) here:
Definion 5 review of Area DVD
Definion 5 review of Area DVD
“Teufel covers new ground.”
Area DVD 09/2013
“Teufel’s produced an intricate coaxial driver that embodies the principles of point source sound. The construction of the tweeter in the centre of the midrange driver ensures that the mid and high frequencies reach the listener at exactly the same time [...], but Teufel also equipped the midrange driver with a flat membrane. There’s so much high tech in this coaxial driver [...] that Teufel had the construction patented. The tweeter is a coated fabric dome, the midrange driver has an aluminium/kevlar sandwich membrane. These special material combinations make the drivers extremely light allowing for an extraordinarily precise transient response and decay.

But the Definion 5 has more unusual features to offer. The standing speaker, for instance, is equipped with three 130 mm bass drivers with aluminium paper fibre sandwich membranes. Teufel calls this the triple bass principle. Taking the combination of unique elements to the limit, the Definion 5 also features a sealed enclosure.”
“As remarkable as the technology may be, we of course ask ourselves what sort of impression Teufel’s latest excursion into the world of high-end stereo systems makes when the loudspeaker is sitting in front of us. Our first reaction was amazement. There’s been hardly a Teufel product in recent years that made such a refined, solid, and high-end impression. The black baffle extends all the way to the top of the loudspeaker. The very evenly lacquered matte white MDF cabinet tapers towards the back. This not only looks good, but has an acoustic purpose. This shape has the advantage of preventing the formation of standing waves in the enclosure. [...] The slightly elevated baffle creates an additional visual accent and the chassis is fixed to  the baffle without an visible screws which enhances the elegant look.“

„The harmonious, homogenous overall acoustic design is laudable across all test criteria. The Definion 5 is therefore optimally suited for contemporary living rooms. The acoustics of modern living rooms and homes is often bright. This is because wood flooring or granite is usually found in these spaces. Exacerbating this effect are generous windows and often sparse furnishings. All of these factors come together to make traditionally tuned hifi speakers sound overly bright and aggressive instead of neutral. Slightly warmer tuning on the Definion 5, on the other hand, produces a lively and pleasant tone in contemporary interiors.

A completely synchronous group delay contributes to this impression. Not only the midrange and high frequencies, but also the bass all reach the listener at exactly the same time. [...] In order [...] to achieve perfect timing in the bass range, a variety of tricks was employed. Not only was the crossover designed with a great deal of care, the choice of three relatively small bass drivers positively contributes to the group delay. The small bass drivers are able to deliver even small impulses without time lapses. And since there is a total of three 130 mm bass drivers, the total membrane area is actually very large.

This brings us to the Definion 5’s next plus point – first-class bass reproduction characterised by an excellent depth, superb multi-dimensionality and enormous impulse fidelity. On top of this, there is a level stability that - in relation to enclosure volume and price class - sets new standards. The Definion 5 can be powered by even exceptionally high-performance top-of-the-line amplifiers without a problem.

There is, of course, more to life than just bass. That’s why we’re equally happy to report on the excellent definition in the mid – and high ranges. [...] The Definion 5 offers broad, cleanly  differentiated dimensionality. It never sounds forced or artificially inflated, but is rather always true and authentic. This is why the Definion 5 can be recommended without hesitation for every style of music. Whether classical opera or electronic, the layers and structure are accurately reproduced with just the right amount of ambiance.

The Definion 5’s overall sound has excellent tonality– it never comes off as disruptive. The transitions between the individual frequencies are smooth which goes a long way to support this impression.”


“Experience proves what no one anticipated: Teufel sets new standards with the Definion 5. The unusual and unconventional technical solutions are home runs. The coaxial flat membrane chassis with fabric dome tweeter provides perfect group delay, the three rather small bass drivers ensure precision and impulse fidelity in the low frequencies, and the sealed cabinet creates the perfection conditions for driver performance. Outstanding workmanship and an elegant design are additional highlights. Typically Teufel: The Definion 5’s purchase price is exceedingly fair. Whoever sees or hears these loudspeakers would guess they cost a lot more.”

Lesen Sie den kompletten Testbericht bei areadvd.de
Definion 5 review of Hifi Test
Definion 5 review of Hifi Test Definion 5 review of Hifi Test
“Teufel’s new Definion 5 is an amazing combination of timeless elegance, high-quality workmanship, cutting-edge driver technology and highly musical sound characteristics.”
Hifi Test 05/2013
“Teufel Audio has been pushing the envelope of loudspeaker design for decades now. This time, the Berlin company chartered new territory with their Definion 5 by employing newly developed driver technology.”

“The Definion 5 is the name of Teufel’s new hifi flagship speaker and rightly so: with their newly developed and patented coxial midrange driver/tweeter, the Berliners have managed to redefine music reproduction. The advantages of a coaxial loudspeaker driver are immediately obvious: Differences in propagation times between the high and midrange frequencies are minimized [...]"

“Teufel’s latest offering not only features impressive coaxial driver technology, it also sports a timelessly elegant design. The superb lacquered cabinet with a satiny varnish is elaborately reinforced. The trapezoidal shape keeps standing waves and resonances inside the enclosure to a minimum. Use of virgin wool as a damping material proves to be acoustically optimal and expands the virtual acoustic volume of the one meter tall standing speakers by about 10%. Both efficiency and bottom range profit from this little detail.”

“For the production of low frequencies, Teufel for once dispenses with a bass reflex enclosure, opting instead for a sealed cabinet with three 130 mm bass drivers. This results in better impulse response [...]"

“In listening tests, the Definion demonstrated the advantages of its coaxial drivers. Voices and instruments were wonderfully differentiated, highly precise, and thrillingly reproduced. Even drum recordings like 'Heads Up' by Dave Weckl were extremely vivid and approximated a live sound – snare drums exploded with unimpeded dynamism and rolls on the toms could be precisely localised [...] Bass and bass drums were powerfully and clearly reproduced [...]"


“Teufels new Definion 5 is a gorgeous combination of timeless elegance, high-quality workmanship, cutting-edge driver technology, and highly musical sound characteristics. For considerably less that €3,000 per pair, Teufel offers a durable musical reference class loudspeaker that will delight your eyes and ears alike.”
Definion 5 review of Stereoplay
Definion 5 review of Stereoplay
“Teufel’s latest offering rewrites the rules for high end“
Stereoplay 09/2013
“Those who aspire to be contenders for a place among the world’s elite loudspeaker manufacturers need to come up with something completely innovative and have decades of development experience at their command. There can be no doubt about the experience the developers at Audio Teufel bring to bear [...].

What can be done from a technical point of view to underscore the seriousness of an audiophile’s aspirations?

The best thing is to create a one-of-a-kind, world class chassis - and not just any chassis. Nothing less than a coherent coaxial point source driver with flat membrane technology - the elite class of dynamic drivers - will do.”

 “Rebecca Pidgeon’s ‘Spanish Harlem’ conquered the heart of this listener on the Definion 5 with an amazingly soft sound.  The exhalations, the powerful backing sound, assaults from a silky guitar – everything sounded like it was cast in the same mould, but served up with restrain. Other loudspeakers [...] have a punchier sound, but do not achieve Teufel’s satin quality, nor its precision in all frequency ranges. For Verdi’s’ ‘Aida’ (director: Riccardo Muti), the chorus shone with a fine transparency and breathtakingly accurate modulations over a wide range – everything came together with unbelievable ease.

The timing of the bass is nothing short of a sensation: Peter Gabriel’s ‘Up,’ with fierce beats that all too often turn into a slurry of sound, were amazingly well defined on the Definion but were no less relaxed and full because of the precision: Teufel’s latest offering rewrites the rules for high end.”


“An exceptionally audiophilic, soft yet colourful and exceptionally transparent loudspeaker with extremely good timing and excellent definition. A worthy high-end loudspeaker free from any trace of annoying effects or cheap showmanship.”
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Help regarding this product
Which speaker cables does Teufel recommend?
For smaller sets up to Theater 1, we recommend using the 2.5 mm² Teufel speaker cable for optimal sound quality if the required length does not exceed 15 metres.

For Theater 2 and larger systems, we recommend the Teufel cable with 4 mm² cross-section for the front/centre speakers, and the 2.5 mm² cable up to a length of 15 metres for the effect speakers.

Choose a higher cross-section for even greater lengths.
Is it possible to combine speaker cables with different cross-sections?
To supplement missing cable lengths you can use speaker cables of differing thicknesses without acoustical differences - provided there are no extreme differences in the cross-sections.
Should I rather choose a fully active or a partially active speaker set?
It is compulsory to connect partially active systems to an AV Receiver. This supplies the five to seven satellite speakers with the necessary power. Only the subwoofer works additionally with its own amplifier. The investment in a new system is higher because of the AV Receiver, but the solution is also much more flexible. After all, you can connect several signal sources, such as a TV, satellite receiver, PC, game console and MP3 player to an AV Receiver at the same time.

Fully active set do not necessarily need an AV Receiver. The five to seven satellite speakers here are supplied with power by the amplifiers which are installed in the subwoofer in addition to the subwoofer power amplifier. This saves you the costs of a receiver, but it is usually only possible to connect one source to our fully active subwoofer.

Exceptions here are the Concept E2, the Concept E Magnum Digital, the Motiv 5 Digital, the Concept F, the LT2+R and the Concept S+R.

Naturally you can also equip the fully active systems with an AV Receiver at a later point. The connection is then equal to the partially active sets.
Can I set up the set in a different way to that described?
The recommended set-up information below represents the best possible arrangement for perfect multichannel playback in your home. Your available space, your partner or your furniture may not always allow you to arrange the speakers in the ideal manner. Try to meet as many of the requirements as possible.

Modern AV Receivers offer numerous options for compensating electronically for any compromises in the set up. Generally speaking, the following rule always applies: you can always use our recommendations as a basis for experimenting with what works best for you, acoustically and optically. Let your ears (and eyes) decide!
What is the advantage of bi-amping/bi-wiring?
Bi-amping means that the speaker can be operated by two amplifiers at the same time, or by a bi-amping-capable AV receiver. This enables the different chassis (for the treble mid-tone and bass range) to be individually supplied with one signal. Among other things, this could increase the sound performance of a speaker.

Bi-wiring states that the corresponding speaker can be controlled at the same time with two different speaker cables, meaning via separated input sockets for the treble and mid-tone range on one hand, and for the bass range of the frequency switch on the other. This could improve the sound even more. Bi-wiring is the prerequisite for bi-amping.
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