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Ultima 60

A Quality Floorstander at a distinctly attractive price - Special Introductory Offer
HiFi-quality floor standing speaker
Ultima 40
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  • Up to 12 year guarantee
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Key advantages at a glance
  • HiFi-quality floor standing speaker
  • Three way construction with four loudspeakers
  • Powerful bass through dual deep-range drivers
  • High capacity of 160 watts
  • Connections for bi-wiring/bi-amping
  • Recommended for spaces up to 35 sqm.
The Ultima 60 fulfills a very basic need: that search for a „normal“ but top quality floorstander with exceptional sound at an affordable price.


A Sound Upgrade
Whether you're replacing the old box set you've had for ages, adding boxes to an out of the box new set or purchasing a quality speaker set from the very outset - you'll make the right choice to improve your sound in a direct way when you make the choice for the Ultima 60.

No Subwoofer Needed
Ultima 60 presents a full range stereo speaker design . The large volume and ample diaphragm surface combined with a sophisticated crossover interface reproduce your sound over the entire spectrum of frequencies. Additional subwoofers are simply not necessary.

Including Double Bass
The woofers work together - two parallelly-running 160 mm drivers - with an impressive loudspeaker enclosure of 45 liters and the customised double-tube reflex to fetch you a frequency response from deep down in the bass underground.

Three-way Structure
The over a metre-high box is built as a three-way speaker. A 160 mm midrange driver in its own housing chamber performs between 500 Hz and 2500 Hz above the two woofers, assisted by a 25 mm cloth dome for the tweeter at the top.

The sole extravagance for this rock-solid loudspeaker set is the port box for Bi-wiring/Bi-amping. By using twin cords (Bi-wiring) plus a second power amplifier (Bi-amping), you can further optimise your Ultima 60.

Plug and play
But don't worry - it's assured - even using the normal amplifier with regular cables it sounds formidable. Get the box out of the carton - connect the amplifier - choose your music - and kick back!

Included components

  • Floor Speaker UL 60


Floor Speaker UL 60
Floor Speaker UL 60
A premium Floorstander with 3-way technology. Two woofers Bi-wiring/Bi-amping.
Floor Speaker UL 60
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 120 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 160 Watt
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 20 Watt
Impedance 4 Ohm
Enclosure type Bass-Reflex
Terminal clamps CE-compliant Teufel connector panel
Bi-Amping/Bi-Wiring Yes
Crossover frequency 500, 2500 Hz
Depth 31.70 cm
Width 21.30 cm
Height 102.70 cm
Weight 18.50 kg

Expert reviews

Ultima 60 review of i-fidelity
Ultima 60 review of i-fidelity
"The blockbuster"
i-fidelity 02/2010
"The Ultima 60 is the ultimate box-office hit in Teufel’s range. Anyone who enjoys music and is looking for an affordable entry-level model will be very happy with this well-made floorstanding speaker set. It exhibits unbridled exuberance when playing just with normal electronics, which is another plus point for Teufel. The Ultima 60 definitely gets the thumbs up from i-fidelity.net on price and value. A thank-you also goes out to Berlin with regard to their commitment to "listening to music". Because it’s not just Teufel who benefits. Anyone making it so easy to get started with this kind of speaker smoothes the way for other manufacturers to generate sales."

• Sound quality: Very good
• Laboratory: Good
• Workmanship: Good

Overall ranking: Good-very good / price tip
Ultima 60 review of What Hi-Fi?
Ultima 60 review of What Hi-Fi?
"Big and Bold sound"
What Hi-Fi? 02/2010
Now here's a big pair of speakers at an eyebrow-raisingly low price.

There's no denying you get plenty of speaker box for your buck from Teufel, a by-product of selling kit directly from the company's own website.

Throw in an eight-week right of return on all loudspeakers and the Ultima 60s are a tempting proposition before we've even heard them.

They do make a substantial proposition, though. Standing just over a metre high, the 45 litre enclosure houses two 16cm bass drivers, a similarly sized midrange unit and a 2.5cm fabric-dome tweeter.

Fearsome-looking speakers
As a result they're over 20cms wide and over 30cms deep, making two fearsome speakers, despite their smart finish and solid build.

Adding to the considerable package, there are biwirable speaker terminals at the rear.

We didn’t find any spikes with our speakers (they'd probably end up taking a chunk out of your floor) but the Ultima 60s each sit on a small, integrated plinth that incorporates four circular feet to take each speaker off the ground.

And should you have a room below the speakers, we're sure the inhabitants will be very grateful, for the first thing we notice about these speakers is the bass – there's plenty of it.

Kanye West's Love Lockdown delivers powerful blasts of solid bass with impressive impact. Avoiding the soft, slow low-frequency notes often typical of floorstanders, the 60s skip along nicely, too.

Subtlety not a speciality
Mr Hudson's There Will Be Tears requires a bit more attention to detail: some of the subtleties aren’t fully conveyed by the Teufels – they prefer to be big and bold rather than overly intricate – but the track remains engaging.

In a similar vein, when asked to deliver some real dynamics, such as with the Gladiator OST, we find the Ultima 60s to be a little lacking. They're slightly one-dimensional, that dimension being "loud". Still, they will never be accused of being lacklustre.

The Teufel Ultima 60s are surprisingly chirpy – what's not to like about an upbeat, chunky, powerful sound?

If the last word in detail and stirring dynamics are a must for you, you may well find a more suitable alternative, but for everyone else, we think these speakers are great fun.

• Big, bassy sound
• Loud; engaging and exciting
• Nicely built
• Plenty of box for the money
Ultima 60 review of AV Forums
Ultima 60 review of AV Forums
"Lifts you out of your seat"
AV Forums 11/2009
When I heard that I was getting the Teufel Ultima 60s, I was none the wiser as to what was coming. I was going to have to look at their website which if you ever have, shows one of the most staggeringly large ranges of products you will ever see. They may be a new name in the UK, but ranges of that scope don't turn up overnight - Teufel have been running for 30 odd years so are no newcomer. Virtually every shape, size and kind of loudspeaker is covered, and it can look at touch confusing at first glance. However, a few seconds of burrowing showed that I was to get a comparatively straight forward pair of stereo floorstanders which, if I'm clear on this, are from Teufel's current top end stereo speaker range, with only one other model sitting above them. So I left it there and waited for them to turn up.

Having not paid too much attention, I was slightly surprised by the size of the pair of boxes turned up and it required a good amount of effort to h eft them into my car. Taking them out of the packaging didn't do a lot to diminish the size; the Ultima 60s are comfortably above average in size. Whilst not overly large in any one direction, being 1023x21x32 cms, they are quite an imposing presence and weight a not inconsiderable 18 kg each.[...]

So what do you get for your money? Clearly quite a large speaker and a full four driver, true three way speaker at that. Fronted by gloss black baffle, the rounded corner cabinet sports a vinyl wood effect wrap [...]

The sound
These speakers have quite a prodigious and deep bass output that can, if you don't have the room to pull them clear of walls, err on the side of too much. Plugging a port lowers the bass tune slightly and also reduces a touch of bass energy, but those with a larger room may well prefer both ports open for that extra power. Tonally, bass was tuneful with the power and texture of deep notes conveyed well, showing the natural advantage a full sized speaker has in this department. One or two of the bass drops in Madonna's Ray of Light CD were portrayed with a power and depth I've seldom heard without a subwoofer in tow.

This size advantage also shows up in the efficiency of driving the speakers.[...] Guitar, electric or acoustic, had bite and was able to convey how hard the instrument was being played very well. Piano had an equally impressive attack to the leading edge of notes suffering none of the (slight) softness lower down the scale. [...] Imaging is very good in the plane between the speakers, with a slight flattening of the sound stage front to back, lacking the airy space compared to the best that would add that depth and height. Images hang free of the speakers, creating a believable sound stage within their limits and voices, perhaps because of the colouration noted earlier, project solidly out front.

Now, I must confess that in the rush not to prejudice this review by reading too much in advance, the one thing I didn't know about the Ultima 60s until quite late in the day was their price. Finding out that the Ultima 60s only retail for 178 pounds each; that's 356 pounds per pair, was quite a surprise to put it mildly. At 360 (ish) pounds, to my knowledge the number of true three way, four driver floor standers is not large.

It became apparent during their stay, that here is a pair of speakers comfortable crunching out rock, pop, dance and electronica in general in a confident and often impressive fashion. They go loud and comfortably off not a lot of watts and equally, their easy-going nature isn't going to result in a forensic dissection of less than stellar kit further up the audio chain. Equally, they sound good when fed a really first class quality pressing, but don't descend into sounding like a transistor radio when presented with a mix clearly dynamically compressed for radio airplay. Those CDs that sound good in your car, will still sound good at home if the Ultima 60s are involved. This is not a bad ability to have at any price.

Equally, I found then to be capable 2.0 movie speaker; not everybody has the room or a partner willing to accommodate more than a pair of coffins in the front room.[...]Push them against a wall and they should lift you clean out of your seat on the big hits.

If you have mainstream tastes, want a capable room filling loudspeaker on a budget, then I heartily recommend you take Teufel up on their eight week (Yup! That's 8 weeks!) return or exchange policy (return shipping at your cost) and if they do stay put, remain safe in the knoledge that they come with a twelve year warranty. [...]

• Full sized speaker with a full blooded sound
• Easy to listen to quietly
• Goes very loud
• Tunable through port bunging to suit a wide range of rooms
• Easy to drive
• Undemanding of partnering equipment
• Huge warranty
• Value for money

• It is large by modern standards (this is the fault of modern standards) • Only one finish/colour option • Slight softness at the very bottom end • Not as transparent as the best at the price • Colouration evident in lower mid • Not at a showroom near you (but with 8 week home trial)

• Build Quality: 4 / 7 stars
• Connectivity: 4 / 7 stars
• Ease of Use: 5 / 7 stars
• Audio - Movies: 5 / 7 stars
• Audio - Music: 5 / 7 stars
• Power Handling: 6 / 7 stars
• Value for money: 5 / 7 stars

Overall: 5 / 7 stars
Ultima 60 review of mario-tempel.de
Ultima 60 review of mario-tempel.de
"Good doesn't have to be expensive!"
mario-tempel.de 10/2009

Good doesn't have to be expensive – Teufel knows that and presents it with every new speaker line. The Ultima 60 is a grown-up standing loudspeaker, which is above average and presents a correct bass foundation. The naturalness of the voice playback is fantastic in this class, and the realistic, airy room atmosphere deserves recognition. The strong but never dominant bass suggests placing these over a metre tall loudspeakers with a minimum distance of half a metre to the wall.

Still more focused is the playback with a light placement of the loudspeakers in the listening place. That's the way the Ultima 60 delivers high performance. Whoever really wants to know how Julia Neigel sounds live should just listen to her with these speakers. Because no giant investment is necessary, we're awarding the coveted "maritemple.de Price Tip!" award to it.

• Sound: Excellent
• Equipment: Excellent
• Worksmanship: Excellent
• Price/Performance: Outstanding

Total results: Excellent

Ultima 60 review of Hifi Test
Ultima 60 review of Hifi Test
"Brings real fun in all music areas."
Hifi Test 06/2009

Since about 30 years the symbol Teufel from Berlin on speakers has stood for outstanding sound for a very fair price. And now they even overrun themselves: with the brand new Ultima 60 the deliver a grown-up stereo system with a completely fair inexpensive price.

We asked twice just to make sure but they said the same thing each time…the Ultima 60 costs 399,- a pair. You're almost tempted to call Berlin a third time, just to make sure. But it's really real: the Ultima 60 looks awesome, makes all the right moves when in play, has a guarantee of 12 years (!) and brings real fun into all your musical areas. The Berliners have spared no expense (neither the materials or the design), let alone the sound.

The Teufel developers have, with the Ultima 60, even surpassed themselves.

• Inexpensive price
• Lively sound
• Solid bi-wiring attachments

• Sound (70%): 1,4
• Worksmanship (15%): 1,3
• Practice (15%): 1,3
• Price/Performance ratio: outstanding

Total results: 1,4

Ultima 60 review of Area DVD
Ultima 60 review of Area DVD
"Chic and acoustically excellent"
Area DVD 01/2012
"With excellent optics, a fair price and simply amazing acoustics, the Raumfeld One is equally suitable as an entry into the Raumfled world or as its own winning extension of a Raumfeld system. With the compact measurements, the Raumfeld One can be placed anywhere. The worksmanship is brilliant, the bass fantastic, as well as the spatiality and acoustics.

In the best Raumfeld by Teufel traditions, the Raumfeld One is a chic and acoustically excellent, compact solution for new Raumfeld fans or Raumfeld system expansions.

+ Easy inclusion in already-present systems
+ Easy initial installation
+ Myriad expansion possibilities
+ Hefty and powerful sound
+ Excellent performance
+ Perfect for any music type
+ Extremely stable
Read the entire test here! (German)
Ultima 60 review of Digital Tested
Ultima 60 review of Digital Tested
"A Devil in the Garden"
Digital Tested 2/2012
"Whoever's not heard of audio streaming will find themselves a perfect entry with the Raumfeld systems. The Raumfeld One is an excellent, fully-functioning 2.1 music system. This Raumfeld one-er capably handles larger rooms or your next home party. The excellent bass really brings the party spirit in, and the signals are perfectly handled via the wireless. The Raumfeld One delivers an excellent volume capacity and homogenous, frequency-stable sound.
Ultima 60 review of Audio
Ultima 60 review of Audio
"Room Service"
Audio 4/2012
"This speaker from the Raumfeld series is, in principle, a full network player with integrated speakers. You get way you pay for - fantastically deep bass, powerful midranges and clear and gorgeous highs. Aside from that, the cultivated, warm sound character is ideal to listen to music."
Ultima 60 review of Hardware-Station
Ultima 60 review of Hardware-Station
"A Compact Wireless Streaming Speaker"
Hardware-Station 02-2012
The Raumfeld One from teufel Audio offers an excellent entry into the Raumfeld line of systems. It allows (without other, needless devices) seamless wireless integrateion, and with the included App, the Raumfeld One takes care of your every music need - from internet radio to the music on your computer. With its high sound quality, the Raumfeld One is perfect for small rooms. The chic and elegant design paired with the excellent worksmanship makes the Raumfeld One a thing of beauty, regardless where you put it.

Total result; 88%

+ Elegant Design
+ Easy usages and installation via the Raumfeld App
+ Excellent worksmanship
+ Many different music usage opportunities
+ Fair price
+ High sound quality in a compact housing
Read more here! (German)

Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
Does the Smart Speaker also work for iOS devices?
You can use your iOS device as a remote control for the Smart Speaker but you cannot stream your music files, saved on your iOS device, directly to your Smart Speaker.
Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
What is the advantage of bi-amping/bi-wiring?
Bi-amping means that the speaker can be operated by two amplifiers at the same time, or by a bi-amping-capable AV receiver. This enables the different chassis (for the treble mid-tone and bass range) to be individually supplied with one signal. Among other things, this could increase the sound performance of a speaker.

Bi-wiring states that the corresponding speaker can be controlled at the same time with two different speaker cables, meaning via separated input sockets for the treble and mid-tone range on one hand, and for the bass range of the frequency switch on the other. This could improve the sound even more. Bi-wiring is the prerequisite for bi-amping.
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