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  • Subwoofer M 4500 SW
  • Subwoofer M 4500 SW
  • Subwoofer M 4500 SW

Subwoofer M 4500 SW

Aktiver Subwoofer für Musik und Heimkino-Wiedergabe
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Key advantages at a glance
  • Aktiver Subwoofer für Musik und Heimkino-Wiedergabe
  • Raumgröße: 35 qm
  • Lautsprecher: 1 x Tieftöner 250 mm
  • Position: Boden
  • Leistung: 250 Watt Sinus / 350 Watt Maximal
  • Empfohlen für: System 4
Aktiv-Subwoofer M 4500 SW

The System 4 is the ideal choice for home cinema or home concert fans who want an extremely compact design but no lack of sound quality in smaller rooms.

Absolute sound performance
The System 4 delivers incredibly powerful performance that sets new standards in its class.

Concert or cinema versions
The two additional speaker units (concert version) or the Dipoles (cinema version) are used to deliver sound to the rear zone.

Included components

  • Subwoofer M 4500 SW


Subwoofer M 4500 SW
Subwoofer M 4500 SW
The M 4500 SW active subwoofer has low space requirements due to its upright design and small footprint. It features the latest power block model, extremely powerful RMS rating of 350 W and the most advanced neodymium magnets currently available anywhere in the world.

Measurements of this subwoofer confirm its breathtaking dynamics and extraordinary power, qualities that one might not expect based on external appearances. This subwoofer seems to pull sub-bass out of the basement. Whenever you want, you can recreate the sound of a pride of wild lions roaring through your living room in quite an authentic fashion. Provided your neighbours play along.

Please note: the spikes pictured are optional accessories only.
Subwoofer M 4500 SW
Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
Woofer (diameter) 250.00 mm
Woofer (material) Cellulose, coated
Enclosure type Bass reflex, DPU
Equalisation openings (pos.) BAck
Magnetic shielding Yes
Cinch input stereo 1
Cinch output stereo 1
Frequency regulator (range) 40 - 240 Hz
Level control Analogue (Potentiometer)
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 350 W
Output performance amplifier: Bass driver Music output performance
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 250 W
Depth 31.80 cm
Width 32.80 cm
Height 46.20 cm
Weight 14.70 kg

Expert reviews

Subwoofer M 4500 SW review of Heimkino
Subwoofer M 4500 SW review of Heimkino
"The undisputed number one."
Heimkino 05/2008

The new System 4 from Teufel was the undisputed top performer in our acoustic and lab tests. "Unbeatable home theatre sound from such compact speakers – test winner!"

• Sound: A
• Lab test: A
• Listening test: A-
• Outstanding sound
• Best subwoofer in test
• Long warranty period

Total rating: A
Test rating: Outstanding

Subwoofer M 4500 SW review of HiFi Test
Subwoofer M 4500 SW review of HiFi Test
"Unbeatable home theatre sound from such compact speakers – test winner!"
HiFi Test 04/2008

The HiFi Test Magazin tested the Teufel System 4 against five other competing systems of the same price class in the July/August issue. This test victory made us so excited, we had to include a short excerpt out of the total test here for you:

"In the end, there can only be one winner and the winner this time is the Berlin-based direct seller Teufel. It's amazing what the designers were able to put together for a total price of € 800,-. The most powerful subwoofer in this test is able to lay a solid bass foundation beneath the balanced sound of the satellites even in large home theatre setups."

Overall rating: A / "very good"

Subwoofer M 4500 SW review of Area DVD
Subwoofer M 4500 SW review of Area DVD
"Exceptional acoustic performance with elegant design."
Area DVD 03/2008

"The homogenous, highly dynamic sound and detailed response of this system are very unusual in this price category. On top of this, the System 4 offers outstanding transparency in the high frequency range. Voices are always clear and highly intelligible. The very powerful active subwoofer blends harmoniously with the other speakers and has sufficient reserves to handle even the most thunderous special effects. At the same time, it is also sophisticated enough to handle demanding musical material smoothly. The two very compact dipole speakers are responsible for the lively, dense surround sound experience."

• Surprisingly detailed response
• Very clear separation of voices and instruments
• Full, atmospheric rear channel sound
• Outstanding SPL-handling capacity
• Active subwoofer with amazing depth
• Very good performance in stereo mode

Price/performance ratio: 10 / 10 stars

Read the entire test here! (German only.)

Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
Der Subwoofer spielt nicht – was kann ich tun?
1. Falls die Power-Diode nicht leuchtet:
Tauschen Sie die neben dem Netzschalter befindliche Sicherung aus. Falls die Power-Diode danach nicht leuchtet, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Service. Falls die Power-Diode danach leuchtet, aber kein Ton zu vernehmen ist, verfahren Sie bitte wie unter Punkt 2. beschrieben.

2. Falls die Power-Diode leuchtet:
Drehen Sie den Pegelregler Level am Subwoofer auf »Minimum«, ziehen das Subwoofer-Cinchkabel am Verstärker ab, drehen Level vorsichtig hoch und berühren den Cinch-Heißleiter des Cinch-Kabels (innen) mit dem Finger. Ist nun ein Brummen oder Knacken zu hören, liegt der Fehler beim Receiver oder seinen Einstellungen. Bleibt der Subwoofer stumm, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Service.
Harmoniert das System 4 mit meinem Receiver?
Das System 4 kann mit einer Vielzahl von AV-Receivern erfolgreich kombiniert werden, solange dieser über eine Ausgangsleistung von mindestens 5 x 40 Watt Sinus verfügt.
Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
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