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The Teufel
Raumfeld App

for smartphone and tablet

The app of unlimited possibilities

The Teufel Raumfeld app* for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets gives you complete control over your streams of music along with incredible flexibility. Browse through your own music collection, internet radio stations or your favourite streaming services. Creating playlists and discovering new music is easy and fun via the app’s intuitive interface. If you have more than one Raumfeld device, the app makes it easy to assign playback to various zones and individually control the volume on each speaker or speaker pair. What you want to hear is always just a finger tap away.

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*Beste Erfahrung mit aktuellen Geräten.
iOS: benötigt aktuelle oder vorherige ioS Version/Android: benötigt Android 5.0 oder höher.


All music in your hand

Discovering new music is easy and reminds you of a cosy rummage in the record store.

  • Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App Smartphone
    Main menu

    The compass for navigating a world of music. At a glance, you’ll see the songs you can choose from as well as all your room and sound settings.

  • Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App Smartphone
    Now playing

    Album art is back! Prominently displayed cover art shows you what’s playing in your home’s listening zones.

  • Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App Smartphone
    Adjust zone

    Add rooms to a particular listening zone and decide whether to play different music across all zones or the same music through the home.

  • Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App Smartphone

    Raise the levels across all listening zones or create a quiet oasis in your musical landscape. It’s up to you!

  • Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App Smartphone

    This is your digital mixed tape. Collect your favourite songs in one place, no matter whether they come from a streaming service or your own private music collection.

  • Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App Smartphone

    Mit dem Equalizer kannst du das Klangbild optimal justieren, indem du einzelne Frequenzbereiche lauter oder leiser stellst. Der Teufel-Equalizer bietet diese Einstellung für Höhen, Mitten und den Bass.

Teufel Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App

Your playlists are crafted from your personal preferences regardless of where the audio files are sourced: Integrate tracks from the cloud, USB storage devices and smartphones into your playlists. Raumfeld will know where to find them.

Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App
Equalizer settings

Achieve the perfect harmony of space and sound: Adjust the sound of your Raumfeld system to suit your preferences and room conditions.

Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App

Clever integration: Connect your CD or record player to your Raumfeld system and stream music via app to various rooms in your home.

Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App
Private music collections

It all connects: Access your music stored on a USB device, home network, smartphone or tablet. The app will automatically locate the appropriate cover and name and display them in the app.

Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App
Internet radio

Always on air: Access over 70,000 radio stations via TuneIn. A clever search function helps you find your favourite and local stations in an instant.

Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App
Music services

A world of music at your fingertips: Raumfeld partners with music streaming services that make it possible to hear your favourite songs, discover new music and make personal playlists.

Streaming WiFi Teufel Raumfeld

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