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THX Select / THX Select 2

High-quality audio for the most discerning home cinema fans

THX Select


Since spring 1999, THX Ltd. has differentiated between previous THX norms such as THX Ultra and the less exacting THX Select standard developed for smaller to mid-sized listening rooms. The difference between THX Select and THX Ultra should be understood to not lie in the sound quality, but in the different power reserves that the licensed amplifiers and loudspeakers are capable of.

An additional and essential difference is the use of dipole loudspeakers for the two surround channels in a THX system. Both are compulsory for THX Ultra licensing. Dipoles are also recommended for Select licensing, but it is still possible to construct a THX Select certified system for smaller and mid-sized rooms without dipoles. 

Fulfilling the requirements for THX Ultra standards presupposed an exactly tuned and perfectly aligned system. By contrast, THX Select does not have as many stipulations. This has the advantage of making it easier to set up the loudspeakers

THX Select is suitable for smaller to mid-sized rooms. THX Ultra is targeted for larger listening rooms.
Teufel Audio was the first manufacturer in Europe to receive the THX Select license for the “System 5.”

THX Select 2


The THX Select 2 certification was first applied to receivers and amplifiers. Since 2009, loudspeakers are also available with THX Select 2 certification.

The new system expands the previous THX Select norm to include different listening modes. These presets optimize the sound according to a predetermined use scenarios: THX Cinema Mode is intended for the reproduction of movie soundtracks, THX Music for normal music programs and THX Games optimizing the soundtracks of games.

The sound optimizing features Timbre Matching™, Bass Management™, Adaptive Decorrelation™, and Re-equaliztaion (Re-EQ™) are also naturally included with THX Select 2 systems. As opposed to the THX Ultra 2 standard, THX Select 2 is meant for small to mid-sized rooms and is therefore less rigorous when it comes to the creation of undistorted maximum levels. In order to qualify for the THX Select 2 logo, hardware needs to adhere to all of THX’s considerable quality standards including an even more rigorous requirement for noise reduction compared to the THX Select standard. THX Select 2 certified receivers and amplifiers are naturally an ideal choice in combination with THX Select or THX Select 2 loudspeaker sets.

In conclusion, the standards for THX Select 2 licensing are similar to that for THX Ultra 2, only modified for systems that do not need to produce such high sound pressure levels because they are intended for use in typical living room environments as opposed to larger rooms devoted to home cinema. Teufel Audio was the first manufacturer in the world to receive the THX Select 2 certification for a complete loudspeaker set: the System 5 THX Select 2.

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