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configuring a sound card

Configuring sound cards - how it's done!
The following explains the necessary steps for setting up and configuring sound cards such as the popular Soundlbaster Audigy 2 ZS.
We start the surround mixer and select the loudspeaker settings. When asked to select a loudspeaker among the available headphones and loudspeakers, simply select those connected to the system.

In the next setp, select the bass redirection option in “bass management.” Use the slider to set the crossover frequency. A good setting is 120 Hz. 

Via the THX setting console, we are able to further adjust the system settings. The loudspeaker test allows you to steer the individual channels and check that they are correctly configured.

In the calibration, the loudspeakers can be directly adjusted to account for the conditions in the room. Here you can set the exact distance of each loudspeaker to the listening position. This is important so that no single loudspeaker is perceived to be louder than the others – an effect that can ruin the surround experience. To achieve an optimal level balance, we recommend using a sound level meter – a much more sensitive and exacting instrument than even the human ear. Many people have a tendency to set the bass too loud. Without a sound level meter, it can be very difficult to properly adjust the level for an optimal result.

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