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Klippel Analyser

Loudspeaker development with cutting-edge laser technology, the Klippel Analyser System

Klippel Teufel belongs to a handful of manufacturers that rely on more than just theoretical values and conventional measurements, but also on what is currently one of the very best measurement systems available today: The Klippel Analyser System from the German company Klippel.

This system works with a laser that makes it possible to gauge membrane deflection even at high performance levels, whereas conventional systems only make it possible to gather data at very low volumes under one volt. The Klippel System even works in the mV area and at full power (P-tot) levels that lead to the destruction of the driver being measured. These measurements allow for highly precise conclusions regarding how a loudspeaker will react in all standard performance levels (between 1 and 100 watts). This is one of the reasons that we can say with certaintly in our product descriptions that our speakers produce very low levels of distortion, even at high levels.

When a driver is not at rest, where all Thiele Small parameters apply, these parameters change. As the magnetic energy of the propulsion system reduces, the load (spider and suspension) is no longer symmetrical, the resonating frequency shifts and distortion levels rapidly increase, the impedance changes as well due to the heating of the voice coil, and overall driver load increases which leads to a decreased transient response.

The Kilppel Analyser System makes it possible to identify actual flaws in a driver that occur when it is in use. Only in this way is it possible to correct any flaws in its design so that a good driver can be made into an excellent one.

After a training period of over several months, Teufel Audio’s developers were able to begin employing the Klippel system of measurements in the summer of 2002 and have been using it ever since. The Klippel Analyser System has since become an integral part of Teufel’s loudspeaker development process and guarantees that our loudspeakers contain near perfect drivers.

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