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Raumfeld One M

Kitchen radio 2.0
An all-in-one Wi-Fi loudspeaker with 120 Watt power for room-filling sound
Teufel One M
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Why we love this product
The One M delivers 120 Watt total output from a single enclosure with an integrated subwoofer for strong, punchy bass. Thanks to its compact size, the One M is perfect for smaller rooms like the kitchen but powerful enough to fill even a living room with sound.
Key advantages at a glance
  • An all-in-one Wi-Fi loudspeaker with 120 Watt power for room-filling sound
  • Direct selection buttons on the device for access to your favourite music at the touch of a button
  • 2-way stereo system with down-fire subwoofer give the One M the best and deepest bass in its class
  • Stream from Android, iOS, network and USB, with DLNA/UPnP media storage
  • Integrated Chromecast gives access to hundreds of audio streaming services such as Spotify, SoundCloud, TIDAL and TuneIn
  • Multi-room: play the same or different music anytime in multiple rooms
  • Energy-saving standby mode uses less than 1 Watt power
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Overview of our technologies

Streaming WiFi Raumfeld
Spotify Music Streamingdienst
TIDAL Musik Streamingdienst
Chromecast built-in
plug & play

The new One M

The first Raumfeld One M received rave reviews from technical journals: AudioVideo Foto Bild magazine named it a "Price-performance champion“ (January 2013), SFT rated it as being "very good“ (July 2012), Connected Home rated it as "good” (August 2012), and Digital Tested as “very good” (February 2012). The new One M is even better.

120 wattsgive the One M plenty of power reserves for filling even larger rooms with hi-fi sound. An authentic 2-way system with 5 drivers including subwoofer and a low noise class D amplifier create a sound that is rich in details accompanied by powerful, punchy bass.

Four preset buttons on the device can be programmed for the direct selection of music from your favourite streaming service or your own digital music library. This circumvents the need for the app - perfect for sleepy mornings.

Listen to music via TuneIn (world-wide internet radio with local stations), popular streaming services such as Spotify Connect as well music from your home network or that stored on USB storage devices or DLNA and UPnP enabled devices. Wirelessly access music as well as Raumfeld software updates from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The free Raumfeld App provides additional features for play lists, EQ settings, favourites, search functions, etc. It is also possible to stream additional signal sourcies by activating the line input.

Who hasn’t dreamt of having access any music in any room? Raumfeld technology makes this dream a reality. Since the One M is compatible with all other Raumfeld devices, it can be expanded as part of a multi-room system.

The Raumfeld One M’s amazing sound is backed up by quality workmanship: A graphite cover contrasts beautifully with the elegant matte silk white enclosure. Preset buttons and volume regulator in the front are all fashioned from brushed aluminium.

Setup is super easy – no additional devices other than a Wi-Fi router are necessary.

Test the One M for up to 8 weeks without obligation.
With Raumfeld, you can listen to millions of songs on Wi-Fi speakers in hi-fi sound quality. High-end audio components and lossless audio transmission deliver a listening experience that is regularly lauded by technical journals for its outstanding transparency, power and depth.

Selecting and controlling playback is effortless thanks to a free app. No additional devices such as amplifiers or AV receivers are required – simply plug the speakers in, connect to the home Wi-Fi and enjoy. All speakers were designed by experienced acousticians in our Berlin headquarters.
Streaming WiFi Teufel Raumfeld

Music from every source

Raumfeld makes it possible to listen to music from streaming services, internet radio and private collections. All standard audio formats are supported. You can even connect a record player for direct playback and restreaming to other Raumfeld devices!

Multiroom & multi-music

Listen to the same or different music on one or more speakers. You can even stream with an existing system using the Raumfeld Connector network audio player. All Raumfeld devices communicate with each other wirelessly for the ultimate whole home audio experience.
Teufel Streaming WiFi Raumfeld WLAN Multiroom 1

The Raumfeld App

The Raumfeld App is your interface with a world of music. Browse through your own music collection, adjust the volume and equalizer settings on any Raumfeld device in any room and create playlists. You can even set a countdown for when playback should automatically stop thanks to a new sleep timer feature. With the Raumfeld App, the perfect sound is just a tap away.
Teufel Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App


The in-app setup assistant gets your system up and running in minutes. You’ll require: An iOS (version 9 or higher) or Android device and Wi-Fi router. You may also need additional Wi-Fi access points if your Wi-Fi signal is weak.
  Download app

Included components

  • Raumfeld One M
  • power cable
Download information as PDF

Technical Data

Raumfeld One M
Raumfeld One M
An all-in-one Wi-Fi speaker with 120 watts, direct selection buttons, 2-way system and downfire subwoofer for the best bass in this price class. Stream internet radio, music services, personal music collections & iTunes playlists as well as audio files stored on Android & iOS devices, network players, USB storage, DLNA/UPnP devices. Combine the One M with other Raumfeld devices for multiroom streaming centrally controlled via the free Raumfeld App.
Raumfeld One M
Maximum sound pressure level 102 dB/1m
Frequency range from/to 62 - 20000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 2
Tweeter (diameter) 25,00 mm
Tweeter (material) fabric
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 65,00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) coated cellulose
Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
Woofer (diameter) 130,00 mm
Woofer (material) polypropylene
Acoustic principle 2-way
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Enclosure material thick-walled synthetic
Enclosure surface varnish, matte
Equalisation openings 1
Equalisation openings (pos.) back
Net internal volume 6 Litres
Integrated stand Yes
Magnetic shielding Yes
Cinch input stereo 1
USB 2.0 1
MP3 Yes
Supported samplingrates up to 192 kHz (needs high bandwidth
Miscellaneous supports gapless playback
WLAN Standards 802.11b/g/n
WLAN encryption WPA, WPA2
10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet Yes
Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 62 Hz
Amplifier technology Class D
Amplifier configuration 2.1
Amplifier channels 3
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 32 W
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 56 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 25 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 50 W
Power supply voltage 230 volts
Standby-Function Yes
Standby-Power consumption 2 watt
Maximum power consumption 150 watt
Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
Safety class 2
Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Depth 20,20 cm
Width 40,90 cm
Height 18,20 cm
Weight 4,80 kg

Expert reviews

Raumfeld One M review of audio
Raumfeld One M review of audio
"In general, the sheer joy with which the Raumfeld One sets to work can be described as thoroughly bold and yet velvety at the same time."
audio 24.04.2014
"[T]he smart design with lines that diminish towards the back and rounded edges could [...] have sprung from an art deco dream [...]. The enclosure's matte white varnish finish complements the black driver cover and the brushed aluminium controls. [...]

All four allocatable preset buttons are positioned on the One’s aluminium panel that extends fully across the front. Either favourite radio stations, playlists or streaming services [...] can be saved on them. This is very practical because the speaker can now be made to play music without having a smartphone in hand.“

Raumfeld One: Set up 

"Setting up the Raumfeld One takes only a few minutes, even by non-computer geeks. This can mostly be attributed to the extremely well designed and imminently functional Raumfeld App […]"

Raumfeld One: Listening test
"Lively, yet with consistently clear playback, the Raumfeld One quickly shows what’s it’s made of. The level stability is especially impressive [...] In general, the sheer joy with which the Raumfeld One sets to work can be described as thoroughly bold and yet velvety at the same time. Without getting on one's nerves, the treble and midrange is clear and shines with an accurate reproduction of vocals with a performance grounded in a plentiful helping of bass. [...] Frequency gaps or other problems are not encountered.“


"The highly modern One speaker system is flexible in terms of setup and use. To top it off, it’s also a true all-round talent when it comes to selecting musical input. Above all, the opulence in the bass range allows the Raumfeld One to play up in a rather big and powerful way in spite of its compact dimensions. Or, to put it another way: The new Raumfeld One not only performs like a double expresso, it’s the ‘Dolce Vita’ when it comes to daily music listening.”

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) here >
Raumfeld One M review of mixedgrill
Raumfeld One M review of mixedgrill
"De speakers van Raumfeld hebben een uitmuntende prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding"
mixedgrill 17.10.2015
Raumfeld One M review of Dutch cowboys
Raumfeld One M review of Dutch cowboys
"Hier kun je absoluut een goed feestje mee bouwen."
Dutch cowboys 22.11.2015
Raumfeld One M
Raumfeld One M
"Van old school naar new school"
Raumfeld One M review of www.techstage.de
Raumfeld One M review of www.techstage.de
"Der One M ist [...] mehr als nur ein WLAN-Lautsprecher"
www.techstage.de 03.05.2017

Der One M ist eigentlich mehr als nur ein WLAN-Lautsprecher. Schon eher eine WLAN-Mini-Stereo-Anlage mit ordentlicher Leistung und einem tollen Klang. Zwar ist die Auswahl an unterstützen Streaming-Diensten nicht allzu groß, dank Chromecast-Unterstützung lässt sich aber trotzdem fast alles, was in dieser Richtung Rang und Namen hat, vom Handy aus abspielen – nur nicht Amazon Music. Praktisch ist neben der Möglichkeit, seine Musiksammlung von der Festplatte direkt über USB-Anschluss auf den Lautsprecher und weitere Multiroom-Geräte zu übertragen, auch der Line-In-Anschluss für CD-Player oder Plattenspieler.

Von: Michael Maier
Zum ganzen Test
Raumfeld One M review of pctipp.ch
Raumfeld One M review of pctipp.ch
"Warmer Sound aus dem Bass-Monster"
pctipp.ch 03.04.2017
"Der Klang war dann tatsächlich voller und klarer, die Varietät breiter als gedacht, hatten wir den One M doch eher als «Bassmaschine» unter Verdacht. In der Tat kommt der Bass nicht zu kurz, wird aber von der Klangwärme schön ergänzt. Auch lassen sich Höhen, Mitten und Tiefen sehr schön via App hoch- und runterschrauben."

"Der Speaker One M von Raumfeld befindet sich in Sachen Sound eigentlich eher auf dem Level teurer 5.1 Sound-Systeme denn auf jedem der Multiroom-Systeme. Das merkt man zwar auch etwas am Preis (Fr. 449.95), aber vor Allem beim Sound und der Verarbeitung des Geräts. Der Speaker reicht auch locker für die Beschallung einer Cocktail-Party mit hohem Lärmpegel in grösseren Räumen oder Hallen. Wer allerdings nur seinen Duschgang musikalisch untermalen will, wäre wohl auch schon mit dem kleinen Bruder Raumfeld One S gut bedient."

PCtipp-Bewertung: ausgezeichnet 5/5 Sternen
Zum ganzen Test
Raumfeld One M review of Computer totaal
Raumfeld One M review of Computer totaal
"Ze klinken ronduit goed"
Computer totaal 02/2017
"Raumfeld One M Sounds Fantastic..."
Forbes 02.11.2016
"Audio Performance. In a word, superb."
"I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wireless speaker systems over the years [...].
The Raumfeld One M is the best I've heard to date, at least in the $500 price range."

By: Brad Moon
Read the full article on: http://www.forbes.com/
Raumfeld One M review of Techtest.org
Raumfeld One M review of Techtest.org
"Vergleichbares habe ich aus so einer „kleinen“ Box bisher noch nicht gehört."
Techtest.org 26.08.2016
"Kann ich den Teufel Raumfeld One M empfehlen? Ja, kann ich. Grundsätzlich punktet der One M durch einen sehr kräftigen und bassstarken Klang. Auch die maximale Lautstärke ist hoch genug für eine Party oder eine Grillfeier."

Von: Michael Barton
Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel unter: http://techtest.org
Raumfeld One M review of Hifi-Journal
Raumfeld One M review of Hifi-Journal
"Kompakter Streaming-Lautsprecher mit super Verarbeitung und ordentlich "Bums" unter der Haube"
Hifi-Journal 15.08.2016
"Wer sich den kompletten Text bis hier durchgelesen hat für dem dürfte klar sein, dass unser Urteil fast nur gut ausfallen kann. Die guten Vorbooten im Sinne der Produkte-Features wurden im Praxistest noch mit einigen Aha- und Wow-Effekten untermalt. Gemessen an der Chassisgröße ist es beachtlich, was aus dem Lautsprecher für eine voluminöse Akustik austritt. Logischer Weise kann durch die eng angeordneten Hoch- und Mitteltöner nicht so eine große Bühne aufgebaut werden wie beispielsweise mit einem reinen Stereo-Set möglich ist, doch dies will der RAUMFELD One M auch gar nicht. Geht man unter diesem Aspekt an die Betrachtungsweise heran, wird man überrascht sein, was klanglich möglich ist. Der verbaute Subwoofer liefert knackige, präzise und vor allem wunderbar ausbreitende Bässe ab, die unsere Probesongs herrlich in Szene gesetzt haben."

Von: Marcel Büttner
Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel unter: http://www.hifi-journal.de
Raumfeld One M review of 9to5mac.com
Raumfeld One M review of 9to5mac.com
"...a wireless streaming speaker with incredible sound"
9to5mac.com 13.08.2016

"If there’s one thing that the One M excels at over everything else, it’s easily the sound quality. The sound pumped out of the One M’s 5-driver setup is seriously impressive. Even at low volume levels, the speaker filled my entire office with crystal clear sound."

By: Jeff Benjamin

Read the full article on: https://9to5mac.com
Raumfeld One M review of Aftonbladet
Raumfeld One M review of Aftonbladet
Aftonbladet 06/2015
Raumfeld One M review of Tweak.dk
Raumfeld One M review of Tweak.dk
"One M har virkelig vist sig at tage idéen om en trådløs højttaler i hjemmet til et helt andet niveau."
Tweak.dk 09.06.2015
One M har virkelig vist sig at tage idéen om en trådløs højttaler i hjemmet til et helt andet niveau. Lyden er superlækker, selvom subwooferen godt måtte være lidt mere markant ved de lavere niveauer i lydstyrken. Opsætningen kræver lidt, men on-screen guiden er enkel at finde ud af, og man får ingen problemer, hvis man blot makker ret. Højttaleren forstår at forkæle brugerens ører, uanset dennes foretrukne musikstil. Med de fire funktionsknapper på fronten er det let at have sine yndlingsapps og radiostationer ved hånden. Prisen på 2499,00 (2.999,00) kroner er nok lidt mere, end de fleste vil betale. Men er man tosset med god lyd, så er den altså det værd. Derfor skal Raumfeld One M også have et flot 9-tal med ud af døren samt en Great Product award.

  • Lækkert design
  • Nem opsætning
  • Fungerer trådløst via Wi-Fi
  • Fungerer med både Android og iOS
  • Funktionsknapper på fronten gør betjeningen let
  • Lyden er knivskarp
  • Bassen er dyb ved højt lydniveau

Knapt så godt:
  • Bassen er lidt for underkuet ved lavt lydniveau

Läs hela recensionen (på danska) här:
Raumfeld One M review of nwtv
Raumfeld One M review of nwtv
"ult de kamer en de naastliggende kamers van lekkere muziek."
nwtv 29.06.2016
Raumfeld One M review of Techzine
Raumfeld One M review of Techzine
Techzine 17.02.2017
Raumfeld One M review of eReviews.dk
Raumfeld One M review of eReviews.dk
"Raumfeld One M er en potent, kompakt højttaler der spiller både godt og højt."
eReviews.dk 13.06.2015
Raumfeld One M er en potent, kompakt højttaler der spiller både godt og højt. Faktisk så lyder den bedre hvis den får lov til at spille lidt højt, så kommer bashøjttaleren til sin ret. Designet er anderledes end andet jeg har set på markedet, og det synes jeg er forfriskende. App’en til at styre den med er rigtig god, og nem at bruge. Det er ellers noget andre streaming højttalere jeg har testet, har mistet point på. Desværre så er vi ikke helt op i toppen af karakterskalaen pga af susen og støj i højttaleren under brug, som dog kun er hørbar hvis man sidder tæt på Raumfeld One M. Men for et produkt i denne kaliber og prisklasse, så burde der være stilhed i højttaleren mellem numrene.

Läs hela recensionen (på danska) här:
Raumfeld One M review of Computer totaal
Raumfeld One M review of Computer totaal
"Wij zijn erg gecharmeerd van de geluidsweergave van Raumfeld."
Computer totaal 11/2016
Raumfeld One M review of alphaaudio
Raumfeld One M review of alphaaudio
"Goed te betalen, degelijke sound een goede, logische app om alles mee te bedienen."
alphaaudio 24.05.2016
Raumfeld One M review of icreate
Raumfeld One M review of icreate
icreate iCreate
Raumfeld One M review of gadgetgear
Raumfeld One M review of gadgetgear
"De geluidsbeleving van de Raumfeld One M is werkelijk fantastisch"
gadgetgear 10.05.2016
Raumfeld One M review of homecinemamagazine.nl
Raumfeld One M review of homecinemamagazine.nl
" Zang klinkt zeer helder en warm, hoge tonen zijn kraakhelder en de lage tonen vullen de ruimte"
homecinemamagazine.nl 28.04.2016
"Allereerst moet gezegd worden dat Raumfeld qua design de spijker op zijn kop slaat. Alle speakers zijn zeer fraai afgewerkt en komen met een strak maar simpel uiterlijk. Geen toeters en bellen maar gewoon speakers die niet opvallen en eenvoudig in het interieur verwerkt kunnen worden. Dit was voor ons met name voor de Stereo Cubes belangrijk, welke op hangplanken aan de muur geplaatst zijn (...)


De Raumfeld One M is iets groter en opvallender dan de One S en daarom ook de keuze voor onze wat grotere werkkamer. Het verschil in audiokwaliteit wordt echter ook vrij snel duidelijk. De One M is een stereospeaker met een breder geluidsveld en ook een opener geluidsveld. Het geluidsveld komt meer tot leven waardoor je instrumenten beter kunt onderscheiden en ook beter in de ruimte kunt plaatsen. Daarbij zijn de lage tonen nadrukkelijker aanwezig, soms net iets te nadrukkelijk. Gelukkig kun je deze middels de equalizer naar eigen smaak afstellen. Zang klinkt zeer helder en warm, hoge tonen zijn kraakhelder en de lage tonen vullen de ruimte (25 vierkante meter) met voldoende kracht. (...)  Het zijn vooral de subtiele details in nummers die bij de One M beter uit de verf komen en meer opvallen. Maar, om de One S te verdedigen; dat is voor de tuin, als achtergrondmuziek, ook niet nodig. In de werkkamer overheerst de muziek vaak en vallen details (of het ontbreken ervan) direct op. Muziek heeft lekker veel body en weet ons in ieder geval tijdens het werk te plezieren.

lees de hele review op: homecinema.nl
Raumfeld One M review of Geeksters
Raumfeld One M review of Geeksters
"Raumfeld, als muziek in je oren"
Geeksters 01.02.2016
Raumfeld One M review of intogadgets
Raumfeld One M review of intogadgets
"Kamervulende muziek"
intogadgets 11.12.2015
Raumfeld One M review of smarthomewelt.de
Raumfeld One M review of smarthomewelt.de
"[W]hen it comes to sound quality, the One M is impressive in every respect."
smarthomewelt.de 16.10.2015
"A Red Dot award-winning design makes the Wi-Fi speaker from Raumfeld the perfect living room accessory. With a clear geometric form, a sophisticated mix of materials consisting of aluminium, silicone details and an exclusive matte lacquer, Raumfeld products radiate an effortlessness that gives every living room a fashion-forward makeover.”

"With its programmable preset buttons, it’s the modern interpretation of a kitchen radio. But even when it comes to sound quality, the One M is impressive in every respect.”

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) here >
Raumfeld One M review of NL.Hardware.info
Raumfeld One M review of NL.Hardware.info
"Puur op basis van geluidskwaliteit zijn we met name zeer gecharmeerd van de One M"
NL.Hardware.info 24.06.2015
Raumfeld One M review of Bright.nl
Raumfeld One M review of Bright.nl
"De verschillende speakers van Raumfeld klinken goed en vol"
Bright.nl 06/2015
Raumfeld One M review of Android Google Magazine
Raumfeld One M review of Android Google Magazine
"Zo ben je altijd goed voorbereid op de toekomst"
Android Google Magazine 10/2015
Raumfeld One M
Raumfeld One M
"FHM gaat los met de nieuwe Raumfeld speakers en streamt een paar dikke beats"
Raumfeld One M review of The Verge
Raumfeld One M review of The Verge
“The speakers sound great, look good […]”
The Verge 20.11.2015
"Raumfeld's wireless speakers have good sound and sharp looks[...]”

"[...]its bass response is more than you might expect from such a compact speaker."

You can read the full test review here >
Raumfeld One M review of trustedreviews.com
Raumfeld One M review of trustedreviews.com
"You’ll find it hard to get better sound than this at the price or size."
trustedreviews.com 25.06.2015
Raumfeld One M: Sound Quality

"The Raumfeld One M provides big sound in a compact speaker system..."

"Aside from the 130mm subwoofer, the One M comes with two 25mm tweeters and two 65mm midrange drivers and a 120 watt stereo amplifier – all safely enclosed within the chunky frame.

All this means that you have a small package that delivers velvety, room-filling sound. The Raumfeld One M won’t embarrass you if you’re having a party. Not one jot. With rich bass and a wince-inducing top level volume, it’ll impress you and your friends in any reasonably sized room.

There’s more to it than volume alone. Sound is smooth and balanced, with a deep, yet well-managed, bass – you can tweak equaliser settings if it's too lively, something we only needed to do with the bassiest of tracks. Best of all it works well with whatever genre we threw at it.

The synth on Leftfield’s Universal Everything draws you in while the bass manages to rattle teeth, whereas Damon’s Albarn’s vocals are crisp and clear on Blur’s most recent album, The Magic Whip. The same is true of the classics from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack with Hooked On A Feeling sounding fresh and fun.

There’s very little to fault with the One M at high volume. The high end gets a little harsh, but only at the very loudest levels. You’ll find it hard to get better sound than this at the price or size.

Should I buy the Raumfeld One M?

If you don’t mind spending a little extra and want the best sound quality possible in a small speaker system then the One M is a great option, especially if you want to use it as a TV speaker. It puts some soundbars we’ve tested to shame."

You can read the full test review here >
Raumfeld One M review of TechFruit
Raumfeld One M review of TechFruit
"superior sound quality"
TechFruit 29.09.2015

"Łączność WiFi i aplikacje są świetne, ale One M jest przede wszystkim głośnikiem i to tu tak naprawdę błyszczy."

"Dźwięk jest krystalicznie czysty, nie przeszkadza temu ani wzmocniony bas, ani nawet poziom głośności, który sprawia, że trzęsą się ściany. Jakość jest doskonałą ze standardowym formatem plików mp3 320 kbps, ale jeśli masz abonament do Tidala HD lub swoją muzykę w bezstratnych formatach FLAC lub ALAC, wtedy będziesz mógł rozkoszować się subtelnościami i detalami, których nie zauważałeś wcześniej."


"One M konkuruje z Sonos Play: 3 i Bose SoundTouch 20, ale oferuje znacznie lepszą jakość dźwięku i poziomu głośności, co sprawia, że nie mamy wątpliwości co do rekomendacji. W jego przedziale cenowym nie ma lepszego kompaktowego głośnika wi-fi na rynku. Konkurencji będzie bardzo ciężko udoskonalić swoje produkty tak, żeby osiągnąć podobną jakość dźwięku w tej cenie. Polecamy!"

You can read the full test review here >
Raumfeld One M review of Audio.de
Raumfeld One M review of Audio.de
“Een waar allround talent”
Audio.de 24.04.2014
Raumfeld One M review of Connected-home.de
Raumfeld One M review of Connected-home.de
“Een ware party-speaker met een krachtige bas."
Connected-home.de 01/2015
Raumfeld One M review of allround-pc.com
Raumfeld One M review of allround-pc.com
"verwöhnt die Ohren"
allround-pc.com 31.08.2015
Design & Verarbeitung

„Durch seine gebürstete Metalloberfläche macht er optisch einiges her.“
„Am unteren Rand der Lautsprecherabdeckung beginnt ein weiterer Zierstreifen – dieses Mal jedoch aus Metall, was den Premiumanspruch unterstreicht.“

Eigenschaften & Klangqualität

„Seit unserem Test zum One S hat Raumfeld der Controller App ein großes Update spendiert. Neben dem optisch ansprechenderen Design gibt es auch einige neue sinnvolle Funktionen. Unter anderem geht die Ersteinrichtung nun komplett kabellos von statten.“
„In weniger als fünf Minuten war das System bei uns einsatzbereit – super!“
„Ansonsten gefällt uns bei der überarbeiteten App die verbesserte Menüführung.“
„Zudem hat sich Raumfeld eines weiteren Kritikpunkts angenommen – dem ehemals versteckten Equalizer. Dieser lässt sich jetzt unkompliziert über das Lautsprechersymbol aufrufen.“
„Die potentere Technik des Zweiwege-Systems macht sich insbesondere bei der Lautstärke und Pegelfestigkeit bemerkbar, die beide höher liegen. Ansonsten wirkt das Klangbild etwas detaillierter und strahlt etwas breiter in den Raum, wodurch auch links und rechts vom Lautsprecher ein ausgeprägter Klang zu hören ist.“


„Für größere Räume, in denen der Lautsprecher möglichst wenig Platz wegnehmen, aber seinen Klang bis in die letzten Winkel tragen soll, gibt es den Raumfeld One M. Neben einer höheren Lautstärke und Pegelfestigkeit, verwöhnt er die Ohren mit einem detaillierteren Klangbild [...]“
„Die überarbeitete App merzt unsere Kritikpunkte aus und ist optisch deutlich moderner und ansprechender.“

Zum ganzen Test auf http://www.allround-pc.com
Raumfeld One M review of iCreate
Raumfeld One M review of iCreate
"Raumfeld: stream al je muziek in hifi-kwaliteit"
iCreate 14.10.2015
Raumfeld One M review of Connected Home
Raumfeld One M review of Connected Home
"A real party speaker with powerful bass. Whoever finds it to be too much can use the equalizer to adjust it.”
Connected Home 01/2015
Test review: Good

Price / performance: Very good

Translated from the original German.

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Raumfeld One M review of connected home
Raumfeld One M review of connected home
"Musik liegt in der Luft"<br>Hinweis: Dieser Test bezieht sich auf das Vorgängermodell
connected home 8/2012
"Sie brauchen kein professioneller Heimnetzwerker zu sein, um sich eine Raumfeld-Beschallung einzruichten. Ob über den Controller oder das Smartphone, die Installation ist denkbar einfach. Die zweite gute Nachricht: Klanglich bieten die Raufemdl-Speaker ein erstklassiges Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Erst recht, wenn man schon ein Smartphone hat - sich also den Controller sparen kann -, ein heimisches WLAN-Netzwerk besitzt und daran denkt, dass man keinen CD-Spieler und Verstärker mehr braucht. Dann kommt man im Prinzip mit einem Paar Raumfeld-Speakern aus - einrichten und los geht's."

"Das Konzept ist jedenfalls zukunftsträchtig. Endlich kommt auch die schon immer überlegen gewesene Aktivboxentechnik zum Zuge. Für die Verstärker in den Boxen gelten kurze Wege und mithin wenige Verluste und das Musiksignal bleibt digital bis zum Verstärker, erfährt also keine unnötigen Digital-Analog-Wandlungen zwischendurch. War das Feld der Aktivboxen früher nur einer kleinen Schar von Hi-Fi-Freaks vorbehalten, so wird es über den minimalistischen Streaming-Weg salonfähig gemacht."

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Help regarding this product
Do I need other devices to help make the Raumfeld One work?
No, there are no additional devices and/or appliances needed for the Raumfeld One. All you need is a remote, which can be your Raumfeld Controller or simply use the free Raumfeld App via your Smartphone with iOS or Android (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or Android). Needless to say, a wireless access point (Router) over internet (ethernet) is required.
I have no more access to the internet radio directory TuneIn in my Teufel Raumfeld app. What could be the reason?
For the further use of the radio service TuneIn, a software update may be required. The update is free of charge and only takes a few minutes. The software can easily be checked and updated:
  1. Start up all devices and opening the Teufel Raumfeld App.
  2. The main menu can now be called up on the app screen by briefly swiping to the right.
  3. First select "Settings" in the main menu, then menu item "System maintenance" and finally "Updates". By simply tapping on the "Check for updates" button, the device will automatically start to search for and download the latest version.
  4. After the download is complete, the update can be re-started by pressing the button again. This takes a maximum of about 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, TuneIn can be used again as usual.
I can find settings for my subwoofer in the Teufel Raumfeld app. What are these for?
The menu items "subwoofer volume" and "subwoofer crossover frequency" are only stored in the app menu under "room settings" if a Teufel Streaming soundbar is operated over the same Wi-Fi connection. With a soundbar/subwoofer combination, the sound signal is "distributed" to the devices, i.e. the sounbar outputs the higher frequencies and the subwoofer, the lower ones. This signal distribution is defined under the menu item "subwoofer crossover frequency". Installation tips:
  • Leave the crossover frequency on the default setting if you are satisfied with the sound or if the Teufel Streaming subwoofer is located close to the soundbar (recommended).
  • If the subwoofer is placed at the side or at the back of the room, it is possible that the overall sound may no longer be harmonious. In this case, try changing the crossover frequency in the app until you are satisfied with the sound.
  • If, for example, the sound image of the soundbar is too thin, reduce the crossover frequency. If the bass sounds too flat, increase the crossover frequency.
  • You can also adjust the subwoofer volume separately.
One advantage of streaming with Chromecast is that you can continue to use your usual music app. How can I check if my apps already support Chromecast?
Chromecast built-in already supports 100+ apps, including many popular music services, and works with the Chrome browser. You’ll find an exact overview of all Cast-enabled apps here:


Tip: If you didn’t find your app on this list, you may want to contact the provider directly and ask when Chromecast will be integrated. In the meantime, you should have no trouble finding an alternative from the large selection of Chromecast-enabled apps.
I also want to use Chromecast's multi-room function and stream to multiple speakers at the same time. How can I do this?
Multi-room streaming is also possible with Chromecast. To do this, create a grouping of speakers within the free Google Home app which you will need to install on your smart device. You can name created groups on the app.

After you create and name your groups, they will appear alongside individual Cast-enabled speakers in your music app.

Google Home App (Play Store)

App Store iOS
I want to save a Chromecast stream on the direct selection keys (not applicable to all devices). How can I do this?
For technical reasons, it is not possible to store Chromecast streams on the direct selection keys.
I use the Spotify app to stream to my speakers. I don't see any or not all of my Chromecast speakers under "Available devices". What could be the reason?
In order to stream with Chromecast built-in, you’ll need the most recent version of the Spotify App. We recommend updating your app and trying again. Please note that you will also require a Spotify premium account in order to stream to your speakers.
I like watching YouTube videos. Can I now use Chromecast to wirelessly output the sound of YouTube videos while watching them?
The wireless transmission of audio content from YouTube is possible with the following:

1: A computer running on either the Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32 bit, Mac OS X 10.9 (or higher) or Linux operating systems.

2: A current version of the Chrome browser. You can download the most recent version here:

3: The Chromecast built-in extension for the Chrome browser (if not already integrated)

4: A least one Teufel Streaming device with Chromecast built-in registered to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer using the Chrome browser

Begin a YouTube video. Select the “streaming” option from the “more” menu in the Chrome browser. This will call up a menu displaying all Teufel Streaming devices in the network that can play back the audio.

  • The video displayed on your screen and audio from your speaker may not be in perfect sync.
  • It is not currently possible to directly cast audio from the YouTube app for iOS or Android.

Tip for Android users: You can stream audio from the YouTube app on Android devices using the Android mirroring function. To do so, simply complete the following steps:

Step 1: Install the “Google Home App” and open the menu on the left side.

Step 2: Tap on the option “Screen/Audio streaming” and select the Teufel Streaming device you wish to cast audio to. An active connection will be displayed in your smartphone’s status bar.

Unfortunately, this option is not currently available for smart devices operating on iOS systems.

Step 3: Switch back to the YouTube App and start a video as you normally would. The audio will play from the Teufel Streaming device you just selected.

Please note that the picture and audio may not be in perfect sync.
How can I tell if my Teufel Streaming/Raumfeld devices are compatible with Chromecast built-in?
Chromecast is supported by Teufel Streaming / Raumfeld devices which have a Raumfeld logo on the front panel and no external Wi-Fi antenna on the rear panel. Chromecast is also supported by the Raumfeld Soundbar / Sounddeck and the Teufel Sounddeck Streaming / Teufel Soundbar Streaming.
The Teufel Raumfeld app setup wizard does not find a device after pressing the setup key on the back of the device. The display shows "Searching for device..." or "No device found". What can I do?
There are many reasons why a Teufel Streaming device may not be found during setup, i.e. when the app displays the notifications "Searching for device“ or "Not found”. The following will cover the most likely causes as well as possible solutions.

1) It’s possible that your home Wi-Fi is unable to recognise the device due to certain settings on your Wi-Fi router.

Solution: You can enable your Wi-Fi to recognise the device by directly connecting the Teufel Streaming device to your router via Ethernet cable and repeating the setup process.

2) Other active network devices may prevent your Wi-Fi router from recognising the device. Solution: Deactivate all devices (such as smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, media servers) that use your LAN or Wi-Fi network for the duration of the Teufel Streaming setup process. Before beginning a new setup process, be sure to restart your Wi-Fi router and complete the setup using a single smartphone.

3) The use of switches, repeaters and additional access points within your home Wi-Fi network can hinder device recognition. Solution: Either restart all additional network devices or turn off these devices for the duration of the setup process.

4) If you use a cordless phone over a landline (DECT) and have this phone in the vicinity of your router or Teufel Streaming device, it may be disrupting your Wi-Fi signal. This is because both DECT and Wi-Fi use the same 2.4 GHz signal.

Solution: Relocate your DECT base station or switch off your DECT telephone for the duration of the setup process.
The Teufel Raumfeld app indicates an error after selecting the Wi-Fi and entering the network key (Wi-Fi password). What could be the reason for this?
If you're using a smart device with the Android operating system version 5.X (Lollipop), the problem could caused by two possible smart device settings:

1) The setting "Smart network change" switches the smart device to the mobile network whenever the WiFi signal becomes too weak. Since Teufel Streaming requires a continuous Wi-Fi connection, this setting cannot be used.

2) The "Auto IP Support" function determines when the home Wi-Fi network does not support DHCP (the automatic assignation of a network address). Although a very useful feature, Auto IP Support cannot be used with the Teufel Streaming system. This is because Teufel Streaming devices need to be assigned an IP from the router in order to independently communicate with the home network and internet.

Solution: The Android functions "Smart network change" and "Auto IP Support" should be deactivated. Next, ensure that your router allows for DHCP and then repeat the setup process.
During setup, the Wi-Fi network via which the system is to be integrated in the future must be selected in the app. However, my home network is not listed in the selection list. What could be the reason?
The following are a few reasons why your Wi-Fi network may not appear in the list presented in the app:

1) If the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network is only 30% or less where you are holding your phone, it will not appear. Since the system requires a signal strength greater than 30% in order to function without drops in playback, only networks that offer this minimum signal strength will be displayed.

Solution: Increase the signal strength of your Wi-Fi signal and/or find a better place for your device.

2) It’s technically possible to hide a Wi-Fi network. This option is usually offered in a Wi-Fi router’s settings. If you’ve selected this setting option, your home network will not be displayed within the app.

Solution: Make sure that the Wi-Fi is set to "visible“.
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