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Concept V 75 PC Power Edition "5.1-Set"

5.1-Komplettanlage der Spitzenklasse für PC und Media-PC mit analogem 5.1-Ausgang
Colour: black
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Why we love this product
Dieses 5.1-Set als Sonderedition ist nur für kurze Zeit verfügbar. Es besteht aus 5 Satelliten-Lautsprecher und einem Subwoofer mit integriertem Verstärker, über welche die Satelliten-Lautsprecher direkt angeschlossen werden. Für den Anschluss der Tonquelle (in diesem Fall also deine Soundkarte oder Media-PC) befindet sich am Subwoofer-Gehäuse ein analoger Mehrkanaleingang mit einer Cinchbuchse für jeden Kanal.
Key advantages at a glance
  • 5.1-Komplettanlage der Spitzenklasse für PC und Media-PC mit analogem 5.1-Ausgang
  • Verstärker im Subwoofer integriert – es werden keine weiteren Geräte mehr benötigt
  • Starker, feinauflösender Klang für Filmton, Musik und Games
  • 5 Zwei-Wege-Lautsprecher für realistischen, leistungsstarken Raumklang
  • Center-Lautsprecher mit zusätzlichem Mitteltöner für hervorragende Stimmwiedergabe
  • Bassreflex-Subwoofer für tiefen, präzisen Bass
  • Front-Regler am Subwoofer für direkte Kontrolle, automatische Ein- und Ausschaltung
  • Weiteres Zubehör wie Standfüße und Wandhalter (nicht für Säulen) erhältlich

Overview of our technologies

plug & play
PC Gaming
The Varion can be placed anywhere
Lowboard, stands, wall or television

An optional high-end TV and loudspeaker bracket (VESA compatible) makes it possible to wall mount the satellites along with your TV as a single unit. Integrated keyhole brackets allow the satellite speakers to be directly wall mounted as well. In addition, the speakers can be placed on stands or on a lowboard, making the Varion Complete "2.1 Set" one of the most flexible home cinema systems on the market today.

Heimkino Microlautsprecher Varion
Inconspicuous setup, imposing sound

In spite of slender dimensions measuring just 7 cm across, the Varion offers everything you would expect of a full-fledged surround sound system.

  • - A 2-way system: The incoming audio signal is divided and sent to the drivers best designed to play it back.
  • - Seven drivers per speaker: Each speakers produces a full, rich and power-packed sound with excellent speech intelligibility, even at low volumes.
  • - High excursion drivers: Powerful and agile driver units produce high distortion-free levels.
  • - 19 mm tweeter. A large, centrally positioned tweeter reproduces voices and effects with a silk, soft sound that is never aggressive or shrill.
  • - D’Appolito Array: Centering the tweeter between three midrange drivers on each side results in a better, more even dispersion of the treble range.
  • - Broad sound dispersion: The wide angle of sound dispersion makes it possible for everyone in the room to enjoy thrilling sound.

All of the Varion speakers are identically constructed, an essential requirement for a truly harmonious and realistic surround sound. Experience helicopters or thunder pass overhead without any gaps in the well structured soundstage.

Neutral tuning accompanied by deep but realistic and well-integrated bass is perfectly suited for movie sound tracks but also makes the most out of gaming sound and music.

Subwoofer US 2112/8 SW

The XXL subwoofer with 700 watts of maximum power and integrated 7.1 amplifier features 3 front controls, auto power off, DPU bass reflex technology for eliminating wind noise, and a Klippel optimized 300 mm bass driver

Wie eine Soundkarte den Computer-Klang beeinflusst

Der Subwoofer wird mit drei Klinke-Cinch-Kabeln mit der 5.1-Soundkarte oder dem Media-PC verbunden. Wenn nur die beiden Frontkanäle verbunden sind, wird die integrierte Schaltung des Teufel-Systems aktiv, die den Ton über alle Satelliten und den Subwoofer ausgibt.

Die genaue Belegung der Ausgänge deiner Soundkarte kannst du aus dem Handbuch entnehmen. Das Set ist bis auf die Verbindungs- und Lautsprecherkabel sofort spielbereit. Sollte deine Soundkarte nur über digitale Ausgänge verfügen, benötigst du zusätzlich eine DecoderStation.

More fun with Amazon Alexa

Teufel Streaming systems and speaker with bluetooth can be optionally expanded with a device from the Amazon Echo series to allow you to select and enjoy music even more conveniently via Alexa voice control. You can find out more about how this extension works and what you can do with it on the Teufel blog.

Learn more
Amazon Echo input
OK Google, play my Flow

Lost your remote control somewhere in the sofa again? No worries! Control your sound system with voice commands when you connect a Google Home device via Bluetooth.

Google Home Mini

Included components

  • Satellite Speaker CS 75 FCR (pcs.)
  • Satellite Speaker CS 75 FCR (pcs.)
  • Active-Subwoofer US 2112/8 SW
  • Center Wedge CS 75 CW (pcs.)

Technical Data

Satellite Speaker CS 75 FCR (pcs.)
Satellite Speaker CS 75 FCR (pcs.)
Slender 2-way loudspeaker for flexible setup in any living room. Enjoy powerful, balanced sound and maximum speech intelligibility.
Satellite Speaker CS 75 FCR (pcs.)
Micro Yes
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 80 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 160 Watt
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 89 dB
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 20 Watt
Maximum sound pressure level 105 dB/1m
Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 200 - 20000 Hz
Crossover frequency internal switch 4400 Hz
Crossover frequency to Woofer (recommended) 150 - 200 Hz
Miscellaneous Requires little power to achieve high levels
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 19,00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric
Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 6
Midrange driver (diameter) 55,00 mm
Midrange driver (material) Coated cellulose
Miscellaneous Drivers with high efficiency rating
Acoustic principle 2-way system
Enclosure type Sealed
Enclosure material Structural synthetic
Enclosure surface Matte lacquer
Diameter of the stand screw threads 6,00 mm
Keyhole plate mounted Yes
Miscellaneous With resonance-damping thick enclosure walls
Terminal clamps Yes
Maximum cable diameter 2,50 mm
Suitable for AV receiver Yes
Depth 6,50 cm
Width 7,00 cm
Height 50,20 cm
Weight 1,20 kg
Active-Subwoofer US 2112/8 SW
Active-Subwoofer US 2112/8 SW
The XXL subwoofer with 700 watts of maximum power and integrated 7.1 amplifier features 3 front controls,  auto power off,  DPU bass reflex technology for eliminating wind noise, and a Klippel optimized 300 mm bass driver
Active-Subwoofer US 2112/8 SW
Maximum sound pressure level 103 dB/1m
Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
Woofer (diameter) 300,00 mm
Woofer (material) Zellulose, beschichtet
Miscellaneous Per Klippel®-Messverfahren optimierte Tieftöner mit langem Hub
Acoustic principle Einweg
Enclosure type Bassreflex, DPU
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Folie + Hochglanzlack
Equalisation openings 1
Equalisation openings (pos.) Unten
Net internal volume 65 Litres
Integrated stand Yes
Terminal clamps Federklemmen
Maximum cable diameter 2,50 mm
Cinch input 7.1 1
Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 32 Hz
Input gain adjustment 1
Amplifier technology Class D + Class AB
Amplifier technology Class D + Class AB
Amplifier configuration 7.1
Amplifier channels 8
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 50 W
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 320 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 25 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 25 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 150 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 150 W
Power supply voltage 230 volts
Standby-Function Yes
Standby-Power consumption 0,40 watt
Maximum power consumption 700 watt
Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
Safety class 2
Fuse Ja
Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Depth 40,00 cm
Width 40,00 cm
Height 62,50 cm
Weight 27 kg

Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
My subwoofer is humming. What can I do?
This hum can be caused by the connected devices or disruptions in your electricity current. Please do a test to see which it is.

1. Remove the RCA cable from the input on the subwoofer. If the hum is no longer heard, go to point B. Otherwise, follow point A.

A. Attach the net cable of the subwoofer to another electricity outlet (i.e. Kitchen/Bathroom/Bedroom). If the subwoofer still hums, get in contact with our Support team.

Should the hum no longer be there, the disruption was a problem in your power supply, which can, for instance, be caused by dimmers or chargers. To find out where the disruption is, unplug all your devices and work back from there. As soon as the hum is heard, you now know your source of the disruption.

B. In your case, the "ground hum" is responsible for the disruption. Please proceed as follows to discover your source.

  • Disconnect the cable or satellite port from the TV Receiver and check if the hum disappears or not. If it does, you can use a sheath current filter for the cable outlet to prevent this. For example, the sheath current filter AC 9022 ED. If you have a satellite connection, connect the Satellite Receiver to the optical cable playback source - Teufel Optical Digital Cable

  • If this reason can be excluded, separate all devices from the AV Receiver one at a time until the hum stops. The last connected device is then your hum source and should be separated from the others using a galvanic separation filter (found in a retail shop)

  • If this doesn't work, get in contact with us once again so that we can give an individual, helpful response.
Der Subwoofer spielt nicht – was kann ich tun?
1. Falls die Power-Diode nicht leuchtet:
Tauschen Sie die neben dem Netzschalter befindliche Sicherung aus. Falls die Power-Diode danach nicht leuchtet, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Service. Falls die Power-Diode danach leuchtet, aber kein Ton zu vernehmen ist, verfahren Sie bitte wie unter Punkt 2. beschrieben.

2. Falls die Power-Diode leuchtet:
Drehen Sie den Pegelregler Level am Subwoofer auf »Minimum«, ziehen das Subwoofer-Cinchkabel am Verstärker ab, drehen Level vorsichtig hoch und berühren den Cinch-Heißleiter des Cinch-Kabels (innen) mit dem Finger. Ist nun ein Brummen oder Knacken zu hören, liegt der Fehler beim Receiver oder seinen Einstellungen. Bleibt der Subwoofer stumm, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Service.
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