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Motiv 2

Designer 2.1 Hifi stereo sound for your PC with remote control
Quality German made high spec and design home cinema entertainment sound system
Concept C
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Key advantages at a glance
  • Quality German made high spec and design home cinema entertainment sound system
  • This setup produces a well balanced, natural sound
  • Mega what? 250 watts of subwoofer performance with a 250 mm bass driver
  • Two gorgeous two-way satellite speakers
  • Remote control with inputs for three devices
  • Sound optimised at a 25 sqm radius
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Overview of our technologies

PC Gaming

When your PC becomes your jukebox, it's time to put aside the compromises. Motiv 2 is a 2.1 designer loudspeaker system which you can be equally comfortable placing on your computer desk or in your living room.

The satellites
Motiv® 2's two satellite speakers incorporate HiFi components of the material quality found in many dedicated stereo systems. Their configuration of a 100 mm mid-range driver and a 25 mm tweeter is perfectly suited to fit their moulded softline enclosures.

The subwoofer
An amplifier integrated directly into the system's cube-shaped subwoofer reserves 100 watts RMS for a 250 mm bass driver, while each satellite is powered by 30 watts of RMS output. This sheer amount of power makes for a high, consistent maximum volume, and a wide dynamic range which renders lifelike music playback.

Plenty of connectors
In addition to a wireless remote control, Motiv® 2 has three additional inputs for connection to PCs, iPod docks or other stereo sources ranging from TVs to DJ mixers.

The system
Motiv® 2 is perfect for anyone wanting a HiFi stereo system for use with their PC. It's a complete audio solution with a unified and elegant look. Enjoy your favourite music, and also show off the system!

Included components

  • Satellite Speaker MO 2 F
  • 2.1 Subwoofer A 200/3 SW
  • Remote Control MO 2 RC


Satellite Speaker MO 2 F
Satellite Speaker MO 2 F
The satellites of the Motiv 2 come from the same basic idea as the subwoofer: The finest design meets uncompromising sound. The elaborate chassis equipment with a 25mm fabric dome, paired with a long-stroke 100mm Neodym mid bass made of coated cellulose guarantees unlimited hi-fi music playback.

We consider the MO 2 F to be one of the best-sounding micro satellite speakers on the market – and even more so in combination with the optimally matched fully active subwoofer A 200/3 SW.
Satellite Speaker MO 2 F
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 70 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 100 Watt
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 87 dB
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 10 Watt
Maximum sound pressure level 99 dB/1m
Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 120 - 22000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25,00 mm
Tweeter (material) Textile dome
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 100,00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) Cellulose, coated
Acoustic principle 2-way
Enclosure type Closed
Enclosure material ABS plastic
Enclosure surface Lacquer, high gloss
Magnetic shielding Yes
Terminal clamps Screw terminals, gold plated
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 2,50 mm
Depth 12,50 cm
Width 12,00 cm
Height 18,00 cm
Weight 0,74 kg
2.1 Subwoofer A 200/3 SW
2.1 Subwoofer A 200/3 SW
The attractive appearance of this new subwoofer A 200/3 SW from Motiv 2 will appeal to anyone who appreciates beautifully rounded shapes, but its aesthetic aspects are superseded in favour of the impressive bases. A 250mm woofer with new white ZDC concave membrane and perfectly balanced bass reflex balance delivers astonishingly full bass-sounds from the compact, square casing.

The integrated 3-channel amplifier reserves 100 watt RMS for the bass alone, while both stereo satellites can still be controlled with the ample 30 watt RMS per channel. The set can even temporarily generate up to 250 watts of music power performance. Enough to supply an entire living room of up to 30m2 with superb stereo-sound dynamics.
2.1 Subwoofer A 200/3 SW
Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
Woofer (diameter) 250,00 mm
Woofer (material) Cellulose, coated
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface high gloss
Equalisation openings (pos.) Bottom
Spikes prepared Yes
Magnetic shielding Yes
Terminal clamps Screw terminals
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 1,50 mm
Cinch input stereo 1
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in Mini-jack input MP3 / PC
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 2
Headphone output 3,5mm 1
Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 39 Hz
Input gain adjustment Yes
Level control Yes
Remote control Yes
Amplifier technology Class-AB
Amplifier configuration 2.1
Amplifier channels 3
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 50 W
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 150 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 30 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 100 W
Power supply voltage 220-240 volts
Standby-Function Yes
Standby-Power consumption 0,85 watt
Maximum power consumption 300 watt
Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
Safety class 2
Fuse 2 A
Automatic on/off Yes
Display color Red
Display type LED
Depth 32,00 cm
Width 32,00 cm
Height 37,00 cm
Weight 11,60 kg

Expert reviews

Motiv 2 review of T3
Motiv 2 review of T3
"Test Winner"
T3 07/2010
"With two petite, domed satellites and a hulking subwoofer, Teufel's 2.1 desktop speaker system is soberly handsome yet packs a real wallop.

As befits a system with a sub the size of a stately home, the 200-watt Motiv 2 has no lack of bass, but it also boasts warm, full-sounding midtones and crystal clear treble. Music, movies and games all sound quite awesome; big and beefy yet perfectly balanced.

Three inputs-PC, MP3, aux-in-and a headphone jack and a wireless remote complete this superb package. A powerful system with beautifully balanced sound."

Overall:  5 out of 5 stars / Test Winner!
Motiv 2 review of AUDIO
Motiv 2 review of AUDIO
"A good all-rounder"
AUDIO 12/2007

The bass cube gives a powerful demonstration: with 200 watts of pure tone performance and a 25 cm bass reflex supported driver, most home theatres will definitely get more than enough punch delivered.

The trio surprised us in the listening test with a very good allround quality: crackling film sounds and hard techno-beats were both handled with precision attacking by the Teufel set with its gigantic high level reserves in the scene makes it feel like you're there, both in distraught choral scenes (think Verdi's AIDA) as well as atmospherically thick music (Strauss' "Rose Gentleman"). In comparison to [competition products] the Teufel set sounds warmer and silkier, and that inside a smaller space. Not only that helped this Teufel set to the champion in this comparison test, but also assisted it into the 70 point range - the audiophile range – and active competitors need to look into their side mirrors.

• Sound Stereo: good (70)
• Equipment: excellent
• Ease of use: good
• Worksmanship: satisfactory
• Price/performance: outstanding

• Neutral, precise and dynamic
• Deep crisp bass

Total results; Good (70)
Test champion
Luxury class

Motiv 2 review of PC Advisor
Motiv 2 review of PC Advisor
"Every bit as loud."
PC Advisor 01/2009

As well as making THX-certified speakers that are every bit as loud as those in a cinema, Teufel makes speaker sets that won't cause structural damage.

The Motiv 2 consists of a huge but attractive white or black subwoofer and two stereo speakers.

The domed speakers each have a tweeter and four mid-range drivers. Each speaker can pump out 50 watts, while the 200W amplifier supplies 100 watts to the 25 cm bass speaker on the subwoofer.

Motiv 2 review of PAGE
Motiv 2 review of PAGE
"A multimedia stereo set of the luxury class."
PAGE 07/2009

"The chic satellites and subwoofer are real gems and not only good for studios, but also for swanky office desks. The equally beautiful sound of the the high and midrange drivers of this PC sound system are normally only used in premium HiFi systems[...]

With its masterly upper dimension performance, this speaker set can fill a large room that you’d otherwise need a larger HiFi system for. Leaps in music dynamics are handled with flying colours thanks to the performance of the speakers, forming an impressively powerful sound."

Motiv 2 review of Daily Telegraph
Motiv 2 review of Daily Telegraph
"Upper standard."
Daily Telegraph 11/2008

Teufel is a German loudspeaker brand, new to Britain, that only sells direct; as with Dell you won't find them for sale on the high street or any website other than the company's own.

The Motiv 2 system has space for inputting three devices, so you could connect an iPod or television to them, as well as your PC. The international speaker components are of a standard more commonly found in hi-fi speakers and the powered subwoofer contains a 200-watt power amp that pumps 100 watts to the 25 cm bass speaker and 50 watts to each speaker. In black or white.

Motiv 2 review of MAG'64
Motiv 2 review of MAG'64
"The best pick for first-time buyers!"
MAG'64 05/2008

Superb sound in the high frequency range, deepest subs for an earth-shaking foundation. The sound pressure produced by the subwoofer is palpable, blasting into the room via the Teufel premium system and letting the gamer slip into the virtual world shown on screen.

Words simply cannot describe the importance of an excellent audio system, particularly if it doesn’t break the bank.

Read the entire test here!
Motiv 2 review of Chip
Motiv 2 review of Chip
"High quality PC loudspeakers."
Chip 06/2009
An excellent 2.1 set that has excellent sound quality connected to a fair price. Especially recommended when you listen to a lot of music from your computer.

Total results: 4 / 5 stars
Motiv 2 review of HardwareLUXX
Stereo system for connoisseurs.
HardwareLUXX 01/2008

The most affordable system from the high-quality Motiv series is a winner across the board. Both the design and the workmanship are superb.

The finely articulated, crystal-clear high frequency range and the enthralling, extremely smooth bass are a pleasure to listen to and sound incredibly natural. Users with audiophile aspirations simply cannot ignore the Teufel Motiv 2 for high-end two-channel computer sound. In a direct comparison with our previous benchmark system, the Motiv 2 distinguishes itself in all areas and has become our new reference product for stereo systems.

In view of the performance shown here, it comes as no surprise that the Motiv 2 has earned our Excellent Hardware Award.


Read the entire test here!
Motiv 2 review of Video Home Vision
Motiv 2 review of Video Home Vision
"Everything’s been considered."
Video Home Vision 11/2007

Everything’s been considered with this sound system. And the solid worksmanship with the faultless finish gives happiness just by looking at it. Teufel is an old master at wonderful detail and it looks brilliant.

In the test room when the cabling was completed then this discreet trio could show us its inner quality and value. And even to old hard-boiled sound professionals had to give this set a second look. What was played had nothing to do with the normal sounds a PC sphere set would have given forth.

The Teufel Motiv 2 set was amazingly precise, finely drawn and brought an orchestra sound to the stage. The homogeneous effects from the piano music shows that the Teufel developers have successfully managed the awkward crossover from subwoofer to satellite. This set handled the challenge of really blasting high power into the room like a man. It made a heck of a damping without losing any precision, not becoming tiresome or anything like that.

For "just" a PC set, Motive 2 is just too good to be true.

Motiv 2 review of computerbase.de Motiv 2 review of computerbase.de
"Knocks the listener right off the chair" – a Hardware Hammer
computerbase.de 09/2007
The quality of this system's musical rendering (in regards to multimedia systems, in particular) sets the bar in this price category very high. It significantly outperforms many systems in the same price range. In listening tests the system is equally convincing when it comes to music, cinema sound and gaming sound, making the system perfect for the workplace, living room or home cinema. Can a 300 euro stereo system be worth the money? Absolutely! (Complete review in German)

Read the entire test here!
Motiv 2 review of AV Magazin
"An impressive sound backdrop and highly recommended."
AV Magazin 06/2007

The Teufel Motiv 2 definitely plays better than we anticipated: the bass comes in dry, hard and deep, the middle and higher frequencies perfectly supporting from the satellites. The remote control allows for ease and reliability. It’s fairly obvious rather quickly that this fully active 2.1 set leaves normal HiFi loudspeakers in the dust. And not only does the Motiv 2 make a good impression with music, but also while gaming. What you see on the monitor you feel with a realistic sound backdrop – very impressive.

A quick comparison to the Logitec loudspeaker confirmed our judgement decisively: The Teufel Motiv 2 is "Highly Recommended."

Read the entire test here! (German only)
Motiv 2 review of musicianslife.de
Motiv 2 review of musicianslife.de
"The best PC sound system that I know of."
musicianslife.de 05/2007

The Motiv 2 is the best PC sound system that I've had and know of up until now. It plays powerfully (the bass too) and fills my office up without a problem. The balance between highs and lows is stable when at a larger volume as well. Music detail is beautifully displayed and the spatiality of the instruments in the room is excellent as well.

Teufel has created an unequalled in this price class stereo sound system for computers and the iPod.

Motiv 2 review of SFT
Motiv 2 review of SFT
"Excellent sound."
SFT 04/2007

The Berlin company delivers, soundwise, the best set in the test group. The satellites play from their compact closed 2-way design extremely well and impress as always in the lower middle ranges.

The subwoofer is even sometimes a bit strong but adapts to normal listening habits.

• Excellent sound
• Fantastic iPod remote control
• Good price/performance ratio
• Subwoofer is overwhelming

Test Results: Excellent (1,3)
SFT-Reccomended Purchase
Test Champion


Motiv 2 review of stereoplay
Motiv 2 review of stereoplay
"The bottom line? Buy it, save money, have fun."
stereoplay 02/2007

Sensational sound talent
The Motiv 2 was remarkably patrician; in the areas of bass precision and authority there's no other set that can beat it. The ability with dynamic levels was good for HiFi compact boxes – for a PC set the control was simply sensational. The tone balance was very managed but classic... with a fine structure and natural sound. Singing sounded clear and bold, only a set four times as expensive (Bang & Olufsen) played any better. The bottom line? Buy it, save the money, have fun.

An extremely price-conscious active box set with a fantastic subwoofer, not too small satellites and a remote control. Sounds clean and together, restrained but with a huge reserve. The best woofer in our test!

• Thoroughly thought out concept with reasonable dimensions
• Powerful, very high performance woofer
• Plays a sprightly, neutral tone with enormous dynamic reserves

Price/performance: outstanding
Stereoplay Highlight

Motiv 2 review of allround-pc.com
Motiv 2 review of allround-pc.com
"Sensational sound."
allround-pc.com 02/2007

The sound quality is nothing short of miraculous.

Crystal clear highs, doesn't matter if it's in a flustered volume state, house volume or – how we find it perfect – just really, really loud. The highs stay undistorted and distortion free and the bass of the dignified cube is very powerful. It pumps the sound into your stomach and really shakes it in the surroundings, too. This sound is, of course, throughout all device possibilities whether it's MP3 or DVD. Simply fantastic.

The Teufel group out of Berlin with the Motiv 2 has, without question, once again outdone themselves and proved that it's not always a 5.1 or larger system that can sound good. The sound is simply sensational. The worksmanship quality is excellent as well.

Read the entire test here! (German only)
Motiv 2 review of teschke.de
"Superior to the competition."
teschke.de 01/2007

I have to admit, I was very skeptical after I read that Teufel developers had the goal of creating the best 2.1 system around. The Teufel group has actually, however, fulfilled this extremely ambitious goal and that with the new best 2.1 system on the market. Other equally expensive systems (Sony) are just thrust back into shadow. The undisputed 2.1 desktop system king (Yamaha) would be dethroned and put from first place after so many years. In the desktop arena the Motiv 2 is the king of hill.

In the Motiv 2 system simply had more sound quality inside as most of the other high quality devices (like the iPod Nano). For our demanding high-end readers please note a x-Fi soundcard with Cristalizer is very important to reap the full effects of the Motiv 2 system.

Until now, no 2.1 desktop system has never won an award from us. These times are over and we can recommend without a second thought to every of our readers the Motiv 2 set. I do wonder if there is a Teufel system yet with no award from us. Our award winners are really something special. There are competitors that send in 20 sets to test but still can only dream of an award. The times of optical less appealing boxes that only have the sound quality are over too. Design is very important by all new systems – without the sound quality being harmed, of course.


Read the entire test here! (German only.)
Motiv 2 review of CaseUmbau.de
"Stereo Reference and the Platinum award!"
CaseUmbau.de 01/2007

Who doesn’t dream of a powerfully performing and high quality sound system? Not a problem now! Unfortunately most are expensive and need expensive audio solutions. With the Motiv 2, the Berlin-based Teufel company convinced us of its entire line. The excellent Apple optics would work wonderfully in every sitting room or office, and the worksmanship has no grounds for criticism, either.

The subwoofer works like a dream and the high gloss finish contributes to the overall effect; it's an almost perfect design. The use of high quality materials was very noticeable in the practice test. The Motiv 2 works for almost all audio applications one can find in the home theatre arena. Amazing sound with DVDs and MP3s are ready for the user. Only the remote control could tolerate a little more scope and a slightly better subwoofer recipient. It's not an exaggeration to give the Teufel Motiv 2 the award as the new Stereo "Referenz" in the PC arena!

For fantastic worksmanship and performance we give the Teufel Motiv our coveted Platinum Award!

Read the entire test here!
Motiv 2 review of Area DVD
Motiv 2 review of Area DVD
"Of surpassing high quality!"
Area DVD 01/2007

There is seldom any good news politically coming out of Berlin – so others from the capital have to make up for this performance defect: Lautsprecher Teufel is once again responsible for positive headlines. The Motiv 2 delivers as a multimedia loudspeaker system, and left our test room with fantastic grades.

Let's begin with the attractive appearance. There was always, earlier, massive demand for Teufel products but other quotes of Berlin sound experts prove that they belong to the innovative suppliers. The trendy Motiv 2 with the white, glossy surface and excellent performance strives for both high value and making PC and Multimedia fans happy. It's nice that the worksmanship of all the components in the included iPod Dock are also white – speaks for excellent detail.

Sound-wise, the Teufel product surprises with a forceful, dynamic sound that is far away from the superficial lethargy which so many PC and Multimedia systems often have. The Teufel developers also handled the connection between the Satellites and the subwoofer exceedingly well – hardly a disturbing sound hole is to be heard. The good reproduction in the low registers is also surprising. Prospects that decide for the Teufel Motiv 2 get an astoundingly high quality 2.1 multimedia system with flexible uses at a fair price – the Teufel success story of impressive test results continues.

A flexible pick me up: with dynamic, strong sound the Motiv 2 surprises not only PC and multimedia fans - but also would be successful in a station of stere-sub/sat ensembles for sitting room use.

Read the entire test report! (German only)
Motiv 2 review of GameStar
"The best 2.1 system we've tested to date – our new benchmark!"
GameStar 11/2007

The subwoofer sounds tight, controlled and powerful, and the extremely clear and finely-articulated midrange and high frequencies float beautifully on top – even when the volume is set to 'Blast Thy Neighbours'. When you’re gaming, this system will rock your guts with every explosion and toss of a hand grenade, without ever hampering the quieter sounds. The excellent spatial separation, accompanied by tremendously good volume reserves, make the Motiv 2 an absolute recommendation for gamers and music lovers who don’t want to clutter their computers with a 5.1 system – this is a new 2.1 benchmark!

• Powerful, tight, precise bass
• Great dynamics
• Accurate stereo imaging
• Great separation
• Even frequency balance
• Very good SPL capacities, even at higher volumes
• 200 watts RMS
• 2-way satellite speakers
• High-quality workmanship
• Remote control
• Cable is not fastened
• Headphone output
• 3 Inputs

• Sound quality for gaming: 37 out of 40 points
• Sound quality for music: 19 out of 20 points
• Sound pressure level: 18 out of 20 points
• Technology: 9 out of 10 points
• Features: 10 out of 10 points

Overall: 93 out of 100 points
Value for money: Good


Motiv 2 review of GameZoom.net
"The best 2.1 loudspeaker system on the market – Reference!"
GameZoom.net 03/2007

Sound quality games
Although present games are laid out for 5.1 and 7.1 loudspeaker systems, the 2.1 can still give a gamer a very good sound picture. Ego Shooter profits from the hefty and dynamic bass. We winced every time during the shelling and bursts of machine gun fire in Call of Duty 2 – they were that realistic. In other genres as well the Motiv 2 is excellently suited and we can, therefore, recommend the new Teufel product to every gamer.

Sound quality music
Whether you want hard bass tracks or the soft tones of Dido, with the Motiv 2 your music playback will always be fun. Most positive for us was the high stability levels of the two loudspeakers. High sounds were played purely and without any irritating distortion or screeching noises.

Sound quality film
Films such as the Matrix or the Lord of the Rings must certainly sound better over a proper home theatre system, but home theatre beginners can get excellent sound with the Motiv 2 and shouldn’t hesitate to reach for it. Those wanting surround sound should consider the more expensive Teufel Motiv 4 You 2.

Once again the Berlin boxsmiths Teufel prove that they belong to the best of the best. For a relatively inexpensive price you get not only a very nice sounding 2.1 sound system, but also a practical Apple iPod docking station. Worksmanship and design are, as expected, up to their normal exquisite standard, and the luxurious equipment also speaks highly for the Motiv 2. Even expensive 5.1 loudspeaker sets can learn something from this "little brother."

Best 2.1 loudspeaker system on the Market – Reference!

Read the entire test here!
Motiv 2 review of What Laptop
Motiv 2 review of What Laptop
"The audio quality of the Teufel set is superb."
What Laptop issue 119

"The sub looks very handsome in its shiny black casing with an enormous 250mm driver that is so large it looks almost threatening.

On the rear of the sub there's an analogue mini jack for PC or laptop input, a second jack for your MP3 player and stereo RCA inputs for an auxiliary device, such as your TV or DVD player. The two satellites are shaped like church windows and each house a 100mm midrange driver and a 25mm tweeter.

You have to cut the speaker's cables from a supplied ten metre length and then bare the ends off the wire, which is rather tedious.But the results are worth the effort, as the audio quality of the Teufel set is superb, especially if the satellites are at the same level as your ears - and the volume can go loud enough to make your ears bleed."

How our customers rated this product:

Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
Can I also use the Motiv 2 fully active 3 channel system as a partially active speaker set on the stereo receiver / amplifier?
Although designed to be fully active, the set can also be partially active in conjunction with a stereo receiver / amplifier.

You can connect the set like a standard speaker system: The two satellites are connected to the corresponding speaker outputs R/L of the receiver/amplifier using the non-insulated speaker cable. The subwoofer is connected from the aux R input (RCA) to the sub-out output on the receiver/amplifier using a mono RCA cable.

If the receiver/amplifier has two pre-out outputs, simply use both aux-in jacks on the subwoofer. If the receiver/amplifier only has volume outputs, you will need two "voltage reducers" from Teufel special accessories to use the product there.
Can I use the Motiv 2 to remotely control my iPod?
For Motiv 2 + D owners:

You should use the infrared remote control of the iTeufel® Dock supplied for this purpose. It can be used to control all iPod functions.

For Motiv 2 owners:

Control is only possible on the iPod itself. If you want to control the iPod remotely, we recommend using the iTeufel® Dock, which is available separately or in a discounted bundle. It not only contains an iPod remote control, but also charges up the player automatically.
Can I connect the Motiv 2 to an MP3 player, satellite receiver, TV set, Xbox, PlayStation, CD player or DJ mixer etc.?

The Motiv 2 can be used universally. You can connect any of the above-mentioned appliances directly using one of three stereo analogue inputs and play them through the subwoofer and both satellites.
Can I use headphones with the Motiv 2?

There is an input suitable for connecting headphones in jack format on the subwoofer's connection panel.
Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
My subwoofer is humming. What can I do?
This hum can be caused by the connected devices or disruptions in your electricity current. Please do a test to see which it is.

1. Remove the RCA cable from the input on the subwoofer. If the hum is no longer heard, go to point B. Otherwise, follow point A.

A. Attach the net cable of the subwoofer to another electricity outlet (i.e. Kitchen/Bathroom/Bedroom). If the subwoofer still hums, get in contact with our Support team.

Should the hum no longer be there, the disruption was a problem in your power supply, which can, for instance, be caused by dimmers or chargers. To find out where the disruption is, unplug all your devices and work back from there. As soon as the hum is heard, you now know your source of the disruption.

B. In your case, the "ground hum" is responsible for the disruption. Please proceed as follows to discover your source.

  • Disconnect the cable or satellite port from the TV Receiver and check if the hum disappears or not. If it does, you can use a sheath current filter for the cable outlet to prevent this. For example, the sheath current filter AC 9022 ED. If you have a satellite connection, connect the Satellite Receiver to the optical cable playback source - Teufel Optical Digital Cable

  • If this reason can be excluded, separate all devices from the AV Receiver one at a time until the hum stops. The last connected device is then your hum source and should be separated from the others using a galvanic separation filter (found in a retail shop)

  • If this doesn't work, get in contact with us once again so that we can give an individual, helpful response.
Bei Stereoquellen wie z.B. der Wiedergabe von Musik-CDs (am PC/am DVD-Player) spielt der Subwoofer nicht
Das PC-Lautsprecher-Set selbst ist ein reines Wiedergabe-System – es hat keinerlei eingebaute Decoderfunktion. Deswegen ist es in der Verteilung der Signale von den Zuweisungen des externen Decoders „abhängig“. Dieser Decoder ist Bestandteil der Software von Soundkarte oder DVD-Player.
Wenn also das Signal im Stereobetrieb z.B. nur auf zwei Satelliten spielt, ist die korrekte Zuweisung in der Software von Soundkarte/DVD-Player entweder nicht möglich oder nicht korrekt eingestellt.
Das Concept E Magnum ist „schuldlos“ - es gibt nur das wieder, was es an Signalen bekommt (und eben das nicht, was es nicht bekommt).
Also muss die korrekte Zuweisung in der Software von Soundkarte/DVD-Player erfolgen.
Bitte kontakten Sie den Support des Soundkarten/DVD-Player-Herstellers.
The satellites "hiss"
In principle the Concept F is a very low-noise system. In the high range area, very high-resolution quality speaker systems can 'expose' the defective quality of a signal source (e.g. from MP3 files or analogue cassette recordings) that is hardly noticeable on lower quality speakers.
You can check the basic noise level by connecting a signal, via a cinch cable, from an external source that is guaranteed to be good quality – such as a music CD e.g. on a portable CD player – to the Aux L/R input on the subwoofer. If all of the satellites are now playing noise-free, it is because they weren't receiving the right signal before. Either the cinch cable is defective (try swapping them around) or the output of your source appliance is not producing an adequate signal.

However, if you continue to hear increased noise on this channel there is possibly a fault in the Concept F. Please check which satellites are affected by changing the satellites around and to find out whether the satellite or the subwoofer electronics are producing excessive noise. If the fault "moves" with the satellite the satellite is the problem. On the other hand, if the hissing remains on the same channel, the subwoofer amplifier electronics are the cause.
Der Subwoofer spielt nicht – was kann ich tun?
1. Falls die Power-Diode nicht leuchtet:
Tauschen Sie die neben dem Netzschalter befindliche Sicherung aus. Falls die Power-Diode danach nicht leuchtet, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Service. Falls die Power-Diode danach leuchtet, aber kein Ton zu vernehmen ist, verfahren Sie bitte wie unter Punkt 2. beschrieben.

2. Falls die Power-Diode leuchtet:
Drehen Sie den Pegelregler Level am Subwoofer auf »Minimum«, ziehen das Subwoofer-Cinchkabel am Verstärker ab, drehen Level vorsichtig hoch und berühren den Cinch-Heißleiter des Cinch-Kabels (innen) mit dem Finger. Ist nun ein Brummen oder Knacken zu hören, liegt der Fehler beim Receiver oder seinen Einstellungen. Bleibt der Subwoofer stumm, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Service.
The satellites 'crackle'!
Please disconnect the Teufel speaker system from your PC or other connected devices by unplugging the cable and check whether the “crackling” stops. Try operating the set with a different power source/in a different room (just use an extension cable).

If you can still hear the crackling, please check which satellites are affected by swapping them around and to find out whether the satellite or the subwoofer electronics are generating the excessive crackling. If the "fault" moves with the satellites, the satellite is affected. The subwoofer amplifier electronics may be responsible if you can still hear the crackling.
Beim Einschalten oder Ausschalten des PC ist ein starkes Knallen oder Knacken zu hören.
Das Lautsprechersystem gibt jede Art von akustischen Signalen wieder, die es von der Signal-Quelle zugewiesen bekommt; es kann nicht zwischen Nutz- und Stör-Signal unterscheiden. Wenn die Soundkarte des PCs die Ein- und Ausschaltimpulse an das Boxenset überträgt, wird der Lautsprecher diese wiedergeben. Sie schaden unseren Boxen in der Regel nicht. Dennoch empfehlen wir, die Lautstärke in der Software des PC vor dem Ausschalten zu minimieren, um diese starken Impulse einzuschränken.
I am getting interfering radio signals!
The interference of unwanted radio frequencies may occur and is caused by local conditions. If this happens, unplug all RCA cables from the product and test to see if the radio signals stop.

If the interference continues, try using a shorter high-end shielded and insulated RCA connector cable.
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