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PC speakers 2.1 for all your computer audio needs

Whether you primarily use a desktop PC, laptop, notebook, or tablet, chances are you use your computer to listen to music, watch movies and/or play games. All of these activities are greatly enhanced by 2.1 systems. 2.1 PC sound systems are compact enough to be easily integrated into any computer work area and deliver fantastic levels, powerful bass, and great detail.  

2.1 systems for the perfect sound

2.1 PC speakers offer a an excellent stereo experience with any type of computer. An additional subwoofer supports two stereo speakers for deep, clear bass.

A 2.1 sound system will endow any computer with exciting and well defined sound. There are, however, many different features to choose from:
  • Wireless signal transfer per radio signal
  • USB port and integrated USB sound card
  • THX licensing
  • cable remote

Sound distribution with 2.1 PC speakers

While two relatively small loudspeakers sit on the desktop and reproduce the entire mid and upper range, a larger subwoofer can be stowed under the table where it takes care of the bass and often contains an integrated amplifier for all channels. Since the human ear has difficulty localizing very low tones, you can afford yourself more flexibility with the subwoofer’s placement. Under, behind, or next to your computer desk – it won’t make a difference in terms of the overall sound quality. This gives you the opportunity to find the most convenient and out-of-the way place for this biggest part of your 2.1 system.

The look of a 2.1 sound system

Thanks to their relatively small size, PC speakers can be placed to either side of the screen, on a shelf, or even wall-mounted. Teufel’s Concept series is distinguished by classical lines with the exception of the Motiv 2 model which makes a bolder style statement with rounded corners, aluminium accents, and white lacquered speaker enclosures. But whichever system you decide to get, a 2.1 PC system from Teufel is sure to impress both acoustically and aesthetically.

Teufel offers 2.1 PC speakers in different varieties and for a variety of purposes. Our top-of-the-line 2.1 speaker sets come with THX certification. Other PC loudspeaker sets are available with elegant designs, streaming capabilities, and integrated sound cards. The latter is highly recommended for enhancing laptop sound.

2.1 loudspeakers offer the ultimate listening experience with PCs. No matter where you are or what kind of computer you have, you’ll enjoy pristine audiophile sound with our 2.1 systems.
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