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Power handling

Valid Europe-wide: The IEC norms for loudspeaker power handling specifications

As in many other areas, increasing levels of cooperation among European countries is reflected in current technical regulations and standards. The IEC (short for the International Electrotechnical Commission), for instance, has delineated binding Europe-wide standards for how loudspeaker power handling can be defined. The new IEC standards recognize three different, rigorously defined systems of measurement: The IEC “nominal” standard which uses a continuous 100  hour test to verify heat load capacity, the IEC “long term” standard and the IEC “short term” standard.

While Teufel exclusively applies the IEC stringent “long term”  power handlng standard to describe its products and determines the IEC “short term” standards with the aid of the recommended amplifier performance values, many manufacturers prefer to advertise spectacular-seeming values according to older measurement systems. This leads to devices with an IEC “long term” power handling of 80 watts being advertised as having a 150 watt capacity or even a so-called “music capacity“ of 350 watts.

So don’t be fooled. The power handling of Teufel speakers compared to others may seem modest, but there’s nothing “low-power” about Teufel – on the contrary: Teufel Audio has built a reputation on producing powerful, high-end products.

The following are the parameters for the three IEC standards of measurements:

Nominal power capacity = Continuous 100 hour test
Maximum long-term performance = Signal 1 min + 2 min pause x 10 repetitions
Maximum short-term performance = signal 1 sec + pause 60 sec X 60 repetitions

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