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Streaming speakers: 10 Products
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Wireless speakers – set your music free with Wi-Fi speakers

Experience great sound along with an unlimited selection of music for every room of your home. The Raumfeld multi-room system has a wide range of streaming speakers that offer pure listening enjoyment. You'll find:

  • Single-speaker streaming solutions
  • Stereo Wi-Fi speaker pairs
  • Sounddecks and soundbars for home cinema sound

Raumfeld's wireless speakers offer the highest sound quality along with maximum convenience in a sophisticated modernist design.

Audio streaming with the Raumfeld multi-room system

Wi-Fi is all you need to access a wide range of music from the cloud and your own private collection via Raumfeld. Discover new music and find old favourites on popular streaming services or browse thousands of internet radio stations via TuneIn. Your own collections stored on NAS drives or USB storage devices can also be directly connected to your device's USB port or remotely accessed. Connect a CD or record player via line-in for playback and restreaming to other devices.

A wide range of wireless speakers offers something for every room of your home and use scenario. The humidity resistant One S streaming speaker with silicone preset buttons and volume controls is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, whereas the full-sized Wi-Fi tower speakers, the Stereo L, is ideal for living rooms. Already have a stereo system that you'd like to stream with? The Connector network audio player introduces your system to the internet and gives you full access to the music choices offered via the Raumfeld App.

As part of Raumfeld's multi-room system, all speakers as well as the Connector and Expand audio streaming optimizer work seamlessly together. Stream the same music in every room or different music throughout your home for the ultimate whole home audio experience. The intuitive app makes it easy to control your selections, assign playback to various speakers and control volume as well as equalizer settings.

Streaming music from Wi-Fi-connected devices and the cloud

Many people have the same problem: Their music collections are scattered among various devices. A few tracks are located on a smart phone, some on a laptop or tablet and others on a separate NAS drive. In addition these digital audio files, many music lovers own vast CD or record collections and would like a flexible way to hear music from these formats.

Raumfeld’s streaming products create a central access point for all your music. Any song from your private collection, along with millions of tracks from popular streaming services and internet radio, are yours to hear at the tap of a finger. Not only is your music selection nearly limitless, the Raumfeld multi-room system makes your playback options incredibly flexible. You don’t have to be in the room to determine which music is played there. Set the system to play classical in your kitchen and jazz in the living room at the touch of a button.

The advantages of wireless loudspeakers

Unbeatable sound and easy setup make streaming speakers an increasingly popular option for home audio. Raumfeld speakers offer the following advantages:

  • Versatile placement options for easy integration into any home interior
  • The ability to play music in different rooms in perfect sync or different selections throughout the home
  • The ability to select different music sources for individual rooms

Raumfeld wireless speakers combine over thirty years audio expertise from sister company Teufel Audio with cutting-edge networking technology. The system is rounded out by a sophisticated, uncompromising yet subtle design for perfect home integration. Enjoy the freedom to select any music in any room to match your mood.

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