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Teufel is a direct seller. That means there are no middle men or retail stores that pad the prices of our products. Selling our products directly makes it possible for us to deliver the best quality at the lowest prices.


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For over three decades, Teufel has stood for outstanding quality. That’s why we don’t hesitate to offer a 12 year guarantee and 8-week trial period.


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Teufel Audio always receives outstanding expert and user reviews and is one of the most trusted names in home cinema in Germany.


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Teufel's online shop satisfies the most stringent criteria in terms of user friendliness, data security and innovation.

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The Teufel customer service team is hard to beat if you’re looking for competent audio experts. Unlike many other customer service departments, most of the team is located right here at our Berlin headquarters.

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Unique product portfolio Einzigartige Technologien
It’s in our DNA: Innovative audio technology

Music set free

Move BT

Teufel sound to go

Teufel Soundbar Streaming Weiss Subwoofer Bass Schwarz
Teufel Soundbar Streaming

The WiFi soundbar with the best sound

T 4000

The invisible subwoofer with colossal bass


Real time noise control

System 4 THX

The smallest THX home cinema set

Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 Schwarz null 1
Ultima 40

Teufel’s most popular tower speaker

Teufel Stereo M Schwarz
Teufel Stereo M

The first WiFi bookshelf speaker with a 3-way driver arrangement

Teufel x Rosenthal stand
Teufel x Rosenthal

High-end audio

Unique technologies: Developed in Berlin
Teufel SCA (Synchronised Coaxial Acoustics) Technology
Teufel SCA technology enables the merging of a tweeter and midrange driver into a single unit. An innovative flat membrane that incorporates the tweeter makes the merging of two driver system’s possible. The resulting coaxial driver approaches an ideal point sound source, thereby minimizing differences in propagation time between the midrange driver and tweeter. A more natural and cohesive sound is the result as all parts of the frequency spectrum reach the ear at the same time. Compared to the use of a separate tweeter, the sound appears to emanate from the same source and constructs a wonderfully 3-dimenstional soundstage. The innovative flat membrane does not hinder the action of the centrally placed tweeter, a detail that ensures simultaneous sound production does not come at the cost of sound quality. SCA technology is responsible for the highly precise and accurate playback of our Definion range and is only available with Teufel products.
Teufel dipole speakers
Teufel was one of the first audio manufacturers to employ dipole technology with home cinema systems. Today, Teufel’s dipole speakers are among the very best. They create the same effect as a back wall covered with countless loudspeakers at your local cinema: A diffuse, atmospheric sound. Naturally, it would be impractical to place so many loudspeakers in the average living room, but dipoles are able to produce a similar effect from just two or four small rear speakers. They do this by radiating sound in two directions so that it becomes difficult for the human ear to localise. The result is an immersive surround atmosphere that puts the viewer right in the action. Only Teufel has mastered the art of dipole speakers for home cinemas.
Teufel Air Stream Bass technology
The bass reflex technology used in most subwoofers involves a bass reflex tube. As the large bass woofers moves back and forth, air streams in and out of the system. Since the air passes through the tube at fairly high speeds, wind noise can originate which can disrupt the pure sound of music and movie soundtracks. Teufel’s audio engineers set themselves the task of solving this problem. They found that wind noise can be minimized by altering the shape of the bass reflex tube into a vent with a wider oblong shape. Thanks to this Air Stream Bass technology, you can crank up the volume all the way on your Teufel sub and still not hear anything but punchy, realistic bass. Air Stream Bass technology is only available with Teufel.
Teufel Dynamore® technology
Dynamore® technology was specially developed by Teufel to allow smaller portable speakers to create a broader stereo sound. The left and right signal are adapted in such a way that the soundstage is perceived to extend far beyond the dimensions of the device. The innovative tuning of the cross correlation filters also contributes to a sound comparable to that produced by compact bookshelf speakers. It was important to our acousticians that Dynamore not widen the soundstage at the expense of sound quality. That’s why the technology was developed in such a way as to prevent the introduction of any colouration or addition of sonic artefacts into the soundstage. Dynamore makes it possible to enjoy true-to-source Teufel sound with even smaller, portable speakers.
Teufel linear HD drivers
Teufel’s linear HD drivers are employed in many of its headphones. An especially balanced tuning and lightweight membranes powered by neodymium magnets are what allows Teufel headphones to cover the entire frequency range with high impulse fidelity and low levels of distortion, even at high volumes. This ensures that you get the most out of your music, especially lossless audio files. Only Teufel offers these specially developed HD drivers.
Teufel Jet Engine Subwoofers
Teufel’s specially developed Jet Engine Subwoofers use long-throw woofers with high power handling capabilities in separate bass chambers for incredibly powerful sound from even small enclosures. Teufel’s bestselling soundbase, the Cinebase, uses Jet Engine Subwoofer technology to produce a rich full sound and thrilling effects with movies – without the use of a separate subwoofer.
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