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Why Teufel's the right choice.

We do things differently - the right way

That's how it works at Teufel. We develop and sell our products ourselves. Meaning you can get your speaker quicker in your hands and don't have to pay fortune for it.

  • Double as good, because it's half as expensive

    Teufel markets its products itself. No middle-man means no extra costs. We offer more features and more sound compared to other products in the same price range.

  • Our shop belongs to the best

    We designed the online shop to be easy to use with logical navigate and the best security, so you can shop with ease.

  • Your opinions matters to us

    Customer feedback goes directly to the product development team and is considered when creating new products. No other company in the market can work this fast.

  • No risk, more fun

    Teufel stands for quality, quality and again - quality! That's why we offer you up to 12 years guarantee and 8 weeks return right.

  • We are your service

    The Teufel customer service advice can't be beat because it's located in our main Berlin offices.

From us, for you.

Selling directly offers lots of advantages. We are developers, producers, sellers - all in one. Because they are our products we can give you the best advice. And no middle-man means you get the best sound for the best price.

Test festive - in your home

Loudspeakers sound different in different rooms. That's why we give you up to 8 weeks to test the loudspeakers at home. For free. Only then can you find the best sound.

We are outstanding!

We have a lot to say for ourselves. Others have to prove it though, e.g. our customers and the trade press.

Typically Teufel

Our engineers and sound experts in Berlin develop innovative and sensible technology that everyone needs. We make it possible for you to enter the world of hi-fi sound without paying a fortune. Other's try to achieve great sound with voodoo-hifi loudspeaker cables.

  • Teufel synchronised coaxial acoustics

    Teufel SCA technology enables tweeters and mid-range drivers to be fused into a single component. Interfering interference is avoided. A more precise reproduction is the result.

  • Teufel Dipol loudspeakers

    Teufel was one of the first companies to use and perfect Dipol-technology. The loudspeakers admit sound equally. The viewer largely perceives the effects as reflections, allowing the surround sound to be transmitted from the cinema to the living room.

  • Teufel DPU bass reflect technique

    An ordinary subwoofer has a bass reflex tube through which air flows, causing flow noise to occur. The Teufel engineers have replaced the tube with a larger cross-section. This nearly eliminates flow noise.

  • Teufel linear hd drivers

    The balanced tuning, the light membrane and the used neodymium magnets give you an enormously wide frequency response, a high impulse fidelity and distortion-free levels even at high volumes.

  • Teufel Dynamore® Technology

    Under the umbrella of Dynamore technology, several clever hardware and software solutions come together to provide you with an impressive listening experience. For example, Dynamore Ultra delivers virtual surround sound without the need for rear speakers.

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