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What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is a streaming protocol developed by Apple for streaming music and videos. Based on Wi-Fi, AirPlay makes it possible to stream from source to playback device over distances of 90 meters.

AirPlay is an extension of its predecessor AirTunes. Whereas AirTunes exclusively streamed music, AirPlay is able to wirelessly transmit video and picture content as well.

You can read more on the topic in the blog article "What is AirPlay"

Setting up AirPlay: What do I need?

Unlike the proceeding system AirTunes, AirPlay no longer requires an AirPort base station in order to stream. With AirPlay, the source and playback device can directly stream content as long as the following preconditions are met:
  • A Mac with iTunes (version 10.1 or higher) / iPhone /iPad / iPod Touch (iOS 4.2 or higher)
  • For music streaming: A playback device that supports AirPlay such as the iTeufel Air Blue
  • For streaming pictures and video content to a television: An additional AirPlay receiver such as an Apple TV set top box, this makes it possible to mirror content on an iOS device
  • The Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11 set to either 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency bands
No additional app or other software is required for a wireless exchange of data. For music streaming, all that’s needed is an Apple device and AirPlay-enabled playback device that share the same Wi-Fi network and iTunes.

Activating AirPlay

In order to activate AirPlay, simply press the AirPlay symbol and select the desired playback device (e.g. AirPlay speaker, Apple TV). Note that more than one device can receive content from the same source device at the same time.

AirPlay for Android

AirPlay also works with Android and Windows. Keep in mind that an AirPlay App is required to control the system. You can find the appropriate app in the Google Play store.

AirPlay for Windows

Windows systems can also use AirPlay via free and fee-based control systems, many of which can be found online.

AirPlay speakers from Teufel: The iTeufel Air Blue

The iTeufel Air Blue is Teufel’s first AirPlay speaker that also offers Spotify Connect and Bluetooth.
The 100 watt streaming speaker is equipped with a 2-way driver arrangement for authentic stereo sound. In addition, an integrated 130 mm subwoofer supplies powerful, punchy bass.
A new crossover and improved tuning brings the low end down to 62 Hz, a very respectable number for a relatively compact single-enclosure speaker system. This is an improvement over its predecessor, the iTeufel Air which garnered many positive test reviews for its sound.

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