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Ultima 40 Mk2 - UL 40
Hi-fi has never been so affordable
Ultima 40 Mk2
€ 499.99 99 € 379.99 99 Details
€ 50.- off
A compact home cinema set with a big sound
Consono 25 Mk3
€ 249.99 99 € 199.99 99 Details
€ 166.99 99 off
One speaker, endless options: AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Spotify
iTeufel Air Blue
€ 499.99 99 € 333.- Details
€ 200.- off
A superior stereo statement
T 500 Mk2
€ 799.99 99 € 599.99 99 Details
€ 14.99 99 off
The ultimate multimedia sound system
Concept E 450 Digital "5.1-Set"
€ 599.99 99 Details
Raumfeld One S - white - Set on black
Mini Hi-fi Wi-Fi
Raumfeld One S
€ 249.99 99 Details
€ 29.99 99 off
Definitely better stereo
Definion 3
€ 1799.99 99 Details
Feel the bass
Teufel Massive
€ 99.99 99 Details
Boomster - black - Set on black
The boombox is back
€ 299.99 99 Details
3D sound machine
€ 599.99 99 Details
€ 300.- off
Surround set with stereo spakers + integrated sub
Theater 6 Hybrid "5.2-Set"
€ 1699.99 99 € 1399.99 99 Details
€ 284.95 95 off
All star lineup
Cubycon 2 5.1 Complete Integration (CS+T4k)
€ 1884.94 94 € 1599.99 99 Details
Let the music play
€ 349.99 99 Details
€ 49.99 99 off
Kombo 42 XBE Streaming
Hi-fi streaming/subwoofer package
Kombo 42 XBE Streaming
€ 699.98 98 € 649.99 99 Details
€ 49.99 99 off
Cinebase Streaming
The winner streams all
Cinebase Streaming
€ 799.98 98 € 749.99 99 Details
€ 99.99 99 off
Full steam stream
Cinebar 52 THX Streaming
€ 1099.98 98 € 999.99 99 Details
€ 99.99 99 off
The stream team
Raumfeld Welcome Home
€ 899.98 98 € 799.99 99 Details
In-ear high-fidelity headphones
Headphones Aureol Fidelity
€ 99.99 99 Details
Feel the bass
Teufel Massive
€ 99.99 99 Details
Aureol Real - Schwarz
An absolute must-have: high definition headphones
Headphones Aureol Real
€ 99.99 99 Details
Move on to better sound
Teufel Move
€ 69.99 99 Details
Heimkino Micro-Lausprecher
Heimkino Säulen-Lausprecher

Teufel Audio: Loudspeakers, home cinema systems and hi-fi manufacturer from Berlin

Teufel Audio offers a large assortment of high-tech audio products: Hi-fi speakers, subwoofers, stereo speakers, home cinema systems, THX certified systems, soundbars, soundbases, Bluetooth speakers, AirPlay speakers, audio cables, speaker stands, headphones and accessories

Teufel is a direct seller of loudspeakers, audio devices and accessories for every taste, budget and room size in the following categories:

Take advantage of Teufel Audio’s direct sales model to get high-end hi-fi and home cinema systems at amazing prices. Teufel offers the best price/performance ratio in audio. Expect cutting-edge audio technology and big, precise, true-to-source sound as well as a large selection for every possible audio need from portable mini soundbars and headphones to a wide range of options to improve the sound of your flatscreen TV including full 5.1 surround sound systems to soundbars and soundbases. Teufel Audio is also an expert in the construction of stereo speakers. Raumfeld smart hi-fi systems offer multiroom streaming with playback in authentic high fidelity. Our professional customer service team is ready to help with even the most technical questions. You can also take advantage of an 8 week right of return and up to 12 year guarantee on loudspeakers. Check out and discover high-end audio in all price ranges!

Teufel Audio: Buy loudspeakers directly from the manufacturer

Get first class sound at the lowest possible prices by purchasing directly from the manufacturer – this is the Teufel advantage. The audio press and our fans agree: High-end loudspeakers with impressive sound, well thought-out details, contemporary style and the lowest prices can always be found at Teufel Audio’s online shop. Teufel’s product range extends from PC loudspeakers to portable speakers and home cinema systems and even includes cutting-edge streaming loudspeakers.

Research and development, quality control, shipping and customer service are all performed onsite by experienced professionals. This has numerous advantages for fans and new customers alike: The lack of a middle man and the correspondent retail commissions ensures that Teufel can pass on the absolutely lowest prices to the customer. Rediscover your love of movies and music with the high-quality loudspeakers in our webshop.

Audio specialists for home cinema, hi-fi stereo loudspeakers, PC and gaming speakers

Since 1979, Teufel has made a name for itself with cutting-edge designs and innovative sales models: What began as a small shop for DIY loudspeakers transformed into a catalogue-only then web-based shop for complete sound systems for music, gaming, and home cinema. 

Teufel Audio has expertise in loudspeaker systems and all sorts of audio accessories: Loudspeakers for PC and hi-fi systems, subwoofers, stereo speakers, home cinema sets, THX systems, wireless streaming speakers, and speakers for Apple and Bluetooth. “The best sound for less” – the entire product line is oriented around this saying. In the home cinema and Blu-ray segments, our Columa, LT and Impaq series have made a name for themselves with their compact satellites and elegant columns. Those interested in purchasing home cinema systems that employ classic floor-standing stereo speakers should have a closer look at our Theater and THX systems. Our high-end stereo loudspeaker models include the Ultima and T series. Teufel also offers a range of bookshelf speakers. Raumfeld’s smart hi-fi streaming speakers transform every room or even an entire home into an ideal listening space. High-resolution streaming of a world of music from the Internet or your own personal music collection is an easy and intuitive experience thanks to the free Raumfeld app for iOS or Android. The Kombo systems come complete with CD players and amplifiers for all-in-one music enjoyment in high-fidelity. The Concept and Motiv series offer all-in-one solutions for PC and gaming sound.

8 week at-home trial and up to 12 year guarantee

Amazing sound in stereo and surround is best enjoyed within one’s own four walls. That’s why Teufel Audio offers an 8 week at-home trial period. And along with the two year statutory guarantee on all products, Teufel Audio offers a 12 year guarantee on all loudspeaker enclosures, drivers, and crossovers. All questions regarding the product, technical details and queries regarding installation as well as our online shop are answered by our service team by telephone or email. 

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